Success stories?

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As I read reviews on this diet I find a lot of negative ones. Anyone have any long term success?


  • KnitOrMiss
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    That's incredible! Kudos, @Sunny_Bunny_ !!
  • elize7
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    I am going to say I am a long term success story, even though I feel currently like I am not so much...
    I have kept off about 110 of about 135 pounds of weight that I took off starting about two years ago doing flawless keto.
    Whats hard for me is maintaining keto while in a non weightloss phase, such as this past year for me.
    Im struggling so badly with that, that I seem to minimize the amazing success I initially had.
    I highly recommend this woe to anyone who is willing to do it.
    Many, many benefits above and beyond loss of poundage.
  • ladonmwilliams
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    I had success as long as I stayed with it. I lost 62lbs effortlessly (in 5.5 months) after I had my first child. Got pregnant with the second right before going through a divorce. Between the pregnancy and eating my emotions in the form of pasta and pie. I gained it all back plus some. I have tried a million things to lose weight and keto was the only thing that worked, was sustainable, and didn't leave me feeling deprived or like a social pariah. Needless to say I am back at it...5 days and 5 lbs gone ;) . If you can get past the "keto flu", you're golden. Give it a try and stick with it. It's worth it and so yummy! Yea fat!!
  • Albertdav50
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    I've lost about 90lbs so far doing keto. Ate like deal the past 2 months and gained about five back but that came off again real easy. Keto is great.
  • majestic_yogi
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    Lost 65lbs of fat and added 7 lbs of lbm (Bod pod fat measurements) in 6 months when I went keto back in the day. My plan was simple, trust the body and get key measurements (BMR, RQ) through Metabolic testing to see if my body was on track. Glad I did that because my BMR went up from 1640 to 2100 despite losing 65 lbs. My macros were strict Keto, 80% fat, 15% protein and remaining carbs. I hit fat goal first, protein between 1 to 1.2 per Kg(not lb) and remaining carbs. Never counted calories and trusted my body and ate more as I lost more.


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    That's incredible. Congrats, @majestic_yogi
  • nvmomketo
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    Mine is mostly a success story. I had switched to keto after trying and trying to lose weight due to prediabetes. I gained instead. LOL

    Once I swicthed to a ketogenic diet I lost about 40 lbs in about 6 months, with most of it gone in the first 4 months.

    My BG was quite improved too, although my morning numbers tend to still go a bit high. I felt better, had more energy and steadier energy (I used to have reactive hypoglycemia) and had a shocking improvement in my cognitive skills.