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Share how you get through days when you pass your OMAD mealtime and find yourself "Hangry"

wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
A quick trip across town with my husband and Aunt turned out to be longer than expected. After we finished piddling here and there, we made a stop at the grocery store and my husband, who just got back from a month offshore, wanted some snack foods. As soon as he grabbed Pringles, I could feel tension rise in me. My stomach was rumbling. Then he grabbed a couple bags of Lays. Then he wanted Coke. I wasn't upset because he can eat those things and I am trying not to at this time, I was irritable because I wanted to get home and make my meal, not dawdle about the grocery store! LOL Poor hubs, I even snapped at him in the car on the way home.

Anyway, by the time we got home, I was flat out "hangry"! The meal today was lasagna. So everyone could eat together, I made it an early dinner for all. After my noodles boiled, and my sauce was ready, I got even more irritable because, well, you know, sauce smells outstanding! I painstakingly whipped up the pan of lasagna and threw it in the oven. Growing more irritable as the 26th hour approached (my daily fasts are 23 hours), I thought to myself, "What can I do?"

In my hungry state, it escaped me that OMAD isn't do or die. There is no rule that you can't expand your window, so that is what I did. I made a smoothie and then a cup of Chobani yogurt with peanut butter. Hallejaeffinluah! Both were factored into my meal and calories for the day, so not only was my tummy happy, but those tided me over until dinner an hour later, and I didn't succumb to a binge. :-)

I figure that surely there must be others who have days like this and that it would be nice to see how they've handled them. :-)
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  • 1MADGIRL1MADGIRL Posts: 836Member Member Posts: 836Member Member
    If this is a daily problem - I mean the smelling to sauce while you're cooking part - can you start preparing your next day's meal when you're not hungry? Like early morning or the day before?

    I do it most times so then I can eat as soon as I arrive home from work. Just put in the oven and done :)
  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    @1madgirl, that's an excellent idea! Thankfully, it's not daily though. When I made dinner for my hubby and Aunt last night, I had already eaten my meal so there wasn't a lick of temptation, not even a "one little bite won't hurt" temptation--and I love me some mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. :-)
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  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    Omad isn't a secret formula you have to get perfect or it doesn't work. A "good" attempt at it will probably produce "good results, maybe not optimal but good.

    For the eating part, I think the principles still are,low carb, fasting for some time, and portion control. You don't have to go super low carb, too little food, or fast too long. Some combination of those is going to work. Omad defines some of those variables as something to shoot for (and it seems to work well). I think easy cardiovascular exercise helps a lot too.

    If you must snack I think fruit or nuts is a good way to go. Fruit has sugar but has fiber also to help offset the sugar. Nuts are low carb. I seem to be able to pound down a lot of nuts and still lose (not a lot of data points though).
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  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    @blambo61, thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips.

    I completely agree that there is no secret formula for OMAD, I'm just glad it came to my mind before I succumbed to an out of control binge.
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