June-no what's good for you: go lift weights! [Workout check-in]

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Although I gotta say, maybe I should've stayed in bed this morning xD Really bad TOM day, nuff said.

Every 20s for 3 minutes (+1 to make 10) broad jumps. Mostly stayed within the 70' range, some jumps were utterly missed though, because, well, y'know...

Deadlift 137.5x3, 155x3, 175x12 (rep goal was 14, but I just could not keep going today)

OHP 55x3, 62.5x3, 70x9 (goal was 10, again, just ran out of gas)

10 min AMRAP, single arm complex (@30lbs KB)
- power clean x1
- hang power clean x2
- russian swing x3
- hang power snatch x4
- thruster x5

I got 7 rounds in per arm. last 4 thrusters were after time, but it counts. C'mon.

Then a 10 min ladder of pull-ups and dips superset together, top sets of 5 and 3, 33 reps total. Assist was -100 today. I probably could've done -90. Maybe. Didn't feel like trying. I almost skipped this part, so shush!

I showed up. Can ya'll say the same? :) #takeprideinwhatyouDOaccomplish


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    Blah TOM. Got mine going too but didn't kick in until after lifting so got lucky there but supposed to deadlift this weekend... So, we'll see how I feel.

    bench - 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 65 and 3x8 @ 75 - worked on doing it with a flat foot. Helps that had the running shoes on instead of my squat/flat shoes.
    close grip bench - 1x6 @ 45 and 4x6 @ 55
    one arm db snatch - 3x5 @ 27.5
    dumbell curl - 3x6 @ 20
    tried a couple different equipment options for abs

    Have a new prep/cut starting and going to be doing a sort of upper/lower split. More of a squat day, deadlift day and two upper body with one day for a longer run. Have some goals for summer and need to get going cause vacation is August 7th.
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    krokador wrote: »
    Can ya'll say the same? :)

    me \o/ i messed something up in my left shoulder somewhere during this week, but i still toughed it out for 5's week at t-day. therefore, i'm currently choosing to see this injury/impingement as a good thing. because there's nothing like a rear-rotator cuff impingement to keep you honest about staying tight while you bench. i had 55/67.5/72.5 for my workset weights and i was amazed that i did all of them. without pinching whatever it is, either.

    squats went well too. last time was 65 and i did my usual ladder thing in front/back sets of 5, then 3x5 at the top weight of 70. i have no idea if this corresponds to any kind of formal programme out there, but it seems to work pretty nicely for me so i'm not fussing myself about that. i've decided that so long as i actually do the 3x5 at whatever weight that is, it's nobody's business how i go about the warmup part before that.

    and that was all i did, but that's pretty okay by me for today.

    oh yeah, ps: also, great thread title krok!
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    bit of a change of pace for me today: accessory/hypertrophy/core day

    incline (low) DB bench & row (those are amazing if you want to feel your lats. No cheating with these!) superset, with hollow rocks (and some leg warm-ups in between sets)
    20x10 + 10, 25x10 + 10, 30x10 + 10, 35x10 +10, 35x10 + 12, 40x7 + 18

    bulgarian split squats & hanging knee raises
    bw x8 (box I was using for this set was way too high, I was in wobbly land) + 10
    bw x12 (on a bench this time, mucho better) + 14
    15lb kb, held goblet style x10/leg + 10
    then 15x8 + 13

    face pulls + cable crunches

    straight arm pulldowns + ez bar curls + side planks
    55x12 / 30x15 / 45s
    60x12 / 30x15 / 45s
    60x10 / 35x13 / 37s (shoulders were just crushed)

    and i finished off with a down-the-stack set of rope triceps pushdown while I was at the cable machine with the rope. 60x12 / 45x6 / 30x5
    Then dropped the pulley to the ground and did 30x13 of hammer curls. I haz a pump! (well, I had, it's mostly gone by now)

    could've done more leg work in retrospect, but I also want to be able to squat on monday, and the BSS WILL take a toll on my glutes, so there is that.

    breakfast just disappeared while I was typing this out. Luckily it's 11:30 already, so lunch isn't too far off! Hey, I was 205.8 this morning (down from 212.4 last sunday, that is after a looong day of moving things and cleaning cars and then eating poutine for dinner, so the actual loss is only about 3lbs down from 208, but hey, PROGRESS! And this is by just not binging. My meals have been rather on the ehh side - not too bad only because I didn't go overboard on them. Chicken strips & wings & onion rings, lol!)
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    So, tomorrow is my first half marathon. So I spent this week really WANTING to do major workouts because of anxiety associated with said first. But also not wanting to make myself stupid sore prior to. So, realistically this week was spent with a fairly large amount of wandering aimlessly around the gym.

    Good luck on the race! Enjoy yourself (I know you're thinking "Enjoy? WHAT!") I used to run those races. Would love to work up to one again.

    I attempted these stairs yesterday, but I have some balance issues and some stairs are 20 inches (higher than my knees). I had to crawl after a while. One woman asked if I was all right and noted "They're much steeper as they go on, you're not ready yet" she was right. BAH! boy am I weak. I have trouble going up steeper stairs without a hand rail because after a while I fear tipping over.


    The thread title made me think of the movie Juno. I saw it recently and liked it.
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    Tonight's workout after warm up.deload week.
    Deadlift 1x5@62 72 and 92lbs.
    Bulgarian split squats 3x10 each leg@22lbs.
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    So, tomorrow is my first half marathon. So I spent this week really WANTING to do major workouts because of anxiety associated with said first. But also not wanting to make myself stupid sore prior to. So, realistically this week was spent with a fairly large amount of wandering aimlessly around the gym.

    Ha, def know the feeling, I've run obstacle races and I would always dial down the training the week prior (which turned out to be a good idea. I was so sore after! lol). Hope you had a good one! :)

    Today was an active recovery day. I did a short core KB Rx session - on a 10 minute clock, get in 3-4 rounds of good quality reps:
    - renegade rows x5
    - bottom half TGU x5

    I used a 20lbs DB and tried to keep myself square on the rows. It's hard! I always tend to shift my bodyweight back, where my leverage is better, and then I end up twisting to the side to better row the weight. It's tricky!

    My abs were a little sore from yesterday, too (bottom more than anything). I also went for a 10 min walk with the KB, farmer style, then a jog to and back from the pokestop nearby to keep my 7 day streak, lol (~15 minutes total? I walked a bit, too. Wasn't trying to go for distance or anything).

    Tomorrow I SKWAAAT and I can't wait =D
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    I spent 8 hours on the back of a motorcycle yesterday so my inner thighs and glutes were relieved by my squat deload today. Backed off to 110lbs. I've had to deload twice so far - I had to deload at 115lbs 3x5 and now had to deload when I hit 125lbs.

    My previous bench deload was successful because I broke through 90lbs and bumped up to 95lbs today. Only got 3/2/2 but I'm actually pretty happy with that. I'm working on breaking a year long plateau with my bench.

    Rows are weird. Was supposed to do 110, but that wasn't happening. Backed off to 105 and got 5/5/4

    I usually do barbell hip thrusts, but skipped them today.
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    i'm pretty pleased with today. because ever since (even though) i got that s.i. thing sorted i have been struggling with deadlifts. and honest to really - the struggle's been real.

    so today i'm very pleased because i went in still in that same sort of vague, demoralized, no-real-plan, not-committed-but-don't-wanna-admit-it-yet state, and thinking the same kind of 'eh i'll just try and see where i get to' kind of thing. but i've been watching the 2016 raw nationals on youtube again, and a little bit of kimberley walford must have got into me.

    [ if you dunno who kimberley walford is, look her up. i don't really have or want her temperament, but man it is fun watching her stomp onto the platform and basically scream a 600-lb barbell into submitting to her. ]

    anyway. for my own workout i did deadlifts and they were still pretty halfassed from 65 up to 105. and then i put the full plate on the bar on the bar, just kind of ran out of patience with myself and my dicking around. it always takes me back to the Rippetoe Rules if i get irritated enough . . . and the Rippetoe Rules pretty much always work. idk why i always have to take the long way around to arrive back at them, but anyway.

    the upshot was that they worked this time. i focused mostly on Not Dropping The Hips, for a change, and instantly the chest-up part fell into place. and the reps themselves were heavy but strong and they were heavy in that way i'm getting used to, where they get easier as you keep doing them.

    so i did 5x135 without too much trouble at all, in fact so little trouble that i went up to 155 for my next set. i'm really happy with this - it's been three or four months, or more, since i've felt comfortable even with 135, so being able to add that much weight just because i had sorted my form (i.e. not because i've been training towards it for months) really made me happy.

    155 was a completely fair and safe weight for me to ask from myself. then after that i failed to even break 175 off the ground, but i kind of knew that was aiming too high. 175 was my absolute lifetime only-done-this-once-ever personal best, and that was back when i was feeling the stongest with deadlifts that i've ever felt. so i wasn't too upset about failing it. in fact i think i would have been frightened if it had come off the floor.

    but i tried twice, really hard. and then i took off 10 pounds and tried again, just as hard with 165. so i'm going with my trainer's philosophy that a failed max attempt is almost as much of a drain as a lighter lift that you make, especially if you throw your whole heart into it.

    also did rows (65 and 75lb sets), five or six sets of ohp at 45 (still a little bit of shoulder pinch to figure out, and four or five sets of squats with just the bar, because i felt greedy and drunk.
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    Phew! First off I'm an idiot. I had a chance to go to bed at 9:45 last night and get some sleep, and instead I spent an extra, like, 20+ minutes trying to look something up on my phone >_>

    So, not quite enough sleep to start the week off here.

    Today's the start of the last week of this 5/3/1 cycle (and the last one I will do for a bit. Yes I know, this is only my 2nd one xD I was only using this to bridge over into the style of training I like most ;))

    I finally managed to get a few double unders in during my warm-up! I think the last time I,d done them was prior to my shoulder injury. Almost 2 years ago >_>

    Power snatch, emotm x8 of a single @90% of max (I used 90lbs. The last 2-3 singles were tough enough!)

    Squats 112.5x5, 127.5x3, 142.5x7 (after last week's 10 @ 135 I was supposed to get 9 here, but hey, I wasn't exactly fresh here, either. I'll take the reps I got in. Added in 3 sets of 8 @85 (those were hard. Legs jello-y!) . I'm feeling fairly confident about my squats now, except for that idiotic thing where I can't seem to center myself on the bar most of the time... Ah well.

    I also forgot my first 2 sets of submax push-ups here, but somehow I managed to get 48 of 'em in in 2 less sets than last week (where I got 56) so there's progress done there :)

    Then finished off with an emotm x10
    - 1-arm power squat clean x2 + strict press x2-6 @ 35lbs (switch arms every minute)

    I wanted 4 reps on most sets, but only got 3 on all but the last round (I may have used a little body english to get that 4th rep up xD But I really wanted it! lol)

    Tomorrow will be a well-needed rest day, methinks.
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    It's been rainy or overcast more days than not for weeks in my neck of the woods, which always makes me feel tired. I also had a birthday party for my daughter on Friday, which took a lot out of me, then a full work day on Sunday, so I'm still kinda dragging today. Still got a decent workout in, I just felt like I really had to work for each rep.

    Squats 3/3/4 @ 120/135/150
    Deadlifts 3×6 @ 115
    KB swings 3x10 @ 30 lb
    Hanging knee raises 2x10
    Bodyweight hang 26 sec
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    bike commute, which feels worth recording because i felt like i had actual hamstrings today. i wasn't faster than usual but i just felt more powerful.

    felt good. oh, and a session of left-legged step-ups onto a chair, plus i'm also making a dorkalicious project of using ONLY my left leg to climb the stairs when i come home. i'll do that for a month and see if it balances anything out.
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    Ran slowly to the gym (1.5 miles)
    Bench press 1 set of 10 x 45 lb, 1 set of 8 x 55 lb, 1 set of 6 x 60 lb (gotten weaker after taking a break for my back). Then tried to do db bench press at 32.5 dbs, only did 2 reps.
    Lat pulldowns (palms facing each other) 1 set of 10 X 50 lb, two sets of 8 at 60 lb
    Close-grip palms forward lat pulldowns 1 set of 10 at 70 lbs, 1 set of 10 at 75 lbs, 1 set of 6 at 80 lbs, 1 set of 6 at 85 lbs, 1 set of 5 @ 90 lbs
    Deadlifts 1 set of 5 @ 60 lbs
    Farmer carry 32.5 lb dbs 2 sets of walking for 30 seconds
    Ran slowly back home (1.5 miles)
    2 sets each lateral raises at 7 lb dbs, 2 sets each forward raises at 7 lb dbs
    3 sets of 10 lbs military press

    Tired from Sunday's walking 10 miles
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    Bench press: 3/3/5 @ 65/75/80
    OHP: 10/10/9 @ 45 (failed last rep, ugh)
    Lat pulldowns: 10/10/10 @ 70
    Assisted pullups: 5/3/3 @ 85/80/80
    Seated ab twists w/ 20 lb KB: 10 each side x3
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    Squat - 3x5 115lbs

    OHP -3x5 62.5lbs (thanks the stars for fractional plates!)

    Deadlift - 1x5 185lbs!!!! I wasn't expecting to get all 5 reps, and I've never lifted this weight more than 3 reps in the past. Going up to 190 next time will be a PR...I've never been able to get 190 off the ground despite what the 1RM calculators said.

    THe deadlifts took everything out of me, so I skipped glute work again.
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    klrenn wrote: »
    Deadlift - 1x5 185lbs!!!!


    i stopped at the rec centre but only did my squats for the week since the bench was overrun the whole time. but i did do my squats: 45/45/55/65 warmup and 3x75 for work sets. it's funny how with squats i can go all day babying and investigating my shoulders to see if they'll 'take' it, and then most of the time once i'm in there i eventually discover/remember how to clip my elbows close to my sides and pull the bar DOWN into my back, and it usually works out just fine. i've turned into a person who squats with a super-narrow grip somehow. but it's doing wonders for helping me get my chest up.

    and i discovered somethign else that might turn out beneficial in the long term: bodyweight practicing with my hands clasped BEHIND me. i pull myself into that same chest up grip and just practice that way. you would think i'd be certain to fall on my face, but so far (experiment of once) it really seemed like it fixed a whole lot of form things.

    bench can bite it.

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    A light upper body day. Had work then to do something online before could go to the gym. At the gym started okay but my stomach wasn't feeling too good so skipped abs and only did 20 minutes cardio.

    OHP 4x8 @ 45
    wide grip bench paused 2x8 @ 45 and 4x8 @ 65
    tricep pushdown with bar 3x12 @ 60
    face pull with rope 3x12 @ 60
    20 minutes on the elliptical

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    Murr, right elbow/shoulder is being picky today. I built up real slow on the cleans, wasn't exactly pretty, but then again repeated singles at 95% of training max never really is.

    Power clean 65x5, 85x3, 95x2, 105x1
    then EMOTM x8 of a single @ 112.5lbs

    Bench 45x8, 65x5, 75x3, 95x5, 107.5x3, 120x5
    superset with DB RDLs x10 @ 35/40/45/45/50

    P. Rows 45x8, 65x6, 75x4, 90x5, 102.5x3, 115x5 (I tried for a 6th, didn't *quite* get there)
    superset with walking lunges bw x 12, 2x3lbs Db (yes, pink db equivalents, sue me, I hate lunges!)x10, 2x5x10, 2x8x10 and 2x12x12

    Tired. Didn't wanna do the accessories with the main sets but I did them anyway. 120x5 on the bench was my rep goal, it was a grinder but I stuck it through, despite the shoulder/elbow/that vein in my hand hurting when I squeezed the bar randomly again. DL/OHP 5/3/1 day left then I'm deloading.

    Then I'll get back to the Unbreakable Bad@$s blueprint 2.0 program. I did it 3 years back for the first time, got through 3 phases out of 4 (and it was amazing, but I got scared of the 4th phase, lol). Tried to run it again 2 years ago and hurt my shoulder with one of the finishers (gonna be careful with the rower + kb swings naw).

    First week of the construct phase has me testing a few things, so I'm gonna list my goals here! (between parenthesis is my old PR afaik)

    Power snatch 1rm: (102.5) 105
    Power clean 1rm: (125) 135
    Back squat 3RM: (190?) 175-180
    Front squat 3RM: (165?) 150
    OHP 3RM: (85?) 90

    No deadlifts on this phase, so that's something i don't hafta worry about :)
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    Tonight's workout after warm up.
    Squats 1x5@77 ,90 , 102 lbs
    5x10@ 62lbs
    Calf raises 5x10@ 62lbs.
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    front squat 2x8 @ 45, 1x8 @ 65, 3x8 @ 85
    low bar squat 2x10 @ 45, 1x8 @ 65, 3x8 @ 105
    curtsy lunge 1x8 @ 45, 3x8 @ 65
    good morning 4x12 @ 75
    abs (cable with rope attachment) 4x15 @ 50