Any overhead press alternative?

Sephixteeo Posts: 75 Member
I am going back to stronglifts 5×5 after 6 months of being off.

I have a ganglion cyst that hangs out in my hand by my wrist but it pushes on tendons like crazy and this specific lift agitates it. I had to back off a couple of months to nothing (then had a eustachian tube event from a flight that killed doing much of anything a while... Blah)

I dont want to give up, but going back into it again i can already tell that lift is not going well.

i would rather not omit it and keep on bench press ( and to be honest i dunno how this will pan out in the long run, but it doesn't seem to bother as much)

So any advice is appreciated!


  • krokador
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    Does it feel better doing it with dumbbells? Do you have access to kettlebells? It's less scalable with them for sure, but most of the pressure doing KB presses will be on the back of the wrist, rather than on the palm of the hand, and your wrist ends up being straighter, so that could be an option
  • Sephixteeo
    Sephixteeo Posts: 75 Member
    Thats a good idea, thanks! I do have KB and DB up to 35 lb. i can give that a shot. I will max out on them and maybe increase reps when that does happen.
  • jessiefrancine
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    Are you working out in a gym? You might try the overhead press machine. Otherwise I agree that dumbbells would be a good alternative. If you have stretchy bands you might be able to continue to add resistance for a little longer.
  • Sephixteeo
    Sephixteeo Posts: 75 Member
    At home in the garage, or I would love to try the machine. Resistance bands are something i hadnt thought of. I had tried the OHP with my brace on but it wasn't happening. Thank you:)
  • _benjammin
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    Globe Gripz might be worth a try.