Pregnancy after WLS?

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I'd love to hear from those of you that got pregnant after you had surgery.

How far post-op were you?

Did you continue to use your bariatric multivitamin or did you switch to a prenatal?

Was your stomach fine with the baby pressing against the new stomach as it grew?

Did you gain much weight or continue to lose at a healthy rate?

I'm definitely wanting to expand my family when the time is right and I get toward my goals. Thanks for your input.


  • ruqayyahsmum
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    Ive had 2 pregnancies post bypass

    First was 9 months post op. I swapped to prenatal immediatly. Unfortunately i miscarried at 13 weeks. My weightloss stalled for a while as i wasnt doing what i should ( went off the rails in a few areas of life ) i took up running after a few months which helped with weight loss and my mental health

    I fell pregnant again 6 months later on what should have been my due date, i was still taking prenatals ( vitamin a isnt recommended in pregnancy )
    I found out after some weird bleeding after a run and was told i had miscarried again. Turns out it was a twin pregnancy and one was holding on

    I lost weight, a lot of weight in second trimester and was hospitalized. I had developed hypoglycaemia and after dropping to blood sugars of 1.1 i was made to eat 4 biscuits every hour along with being shot up with anti sickness meds

    I gave birth at 25 weeks ( thats as far as i ever get in pregnancy) and i insisted he would be breastfed so the food pushing and the hypoglycaemia continued and i gained 4 stone

    Now hes bigger ive been able to lose weight again by carefully watching my intake and my milk supply and im back hiking with baby on my back

    I would suggest waiting until 2 years post op which is what my team normally suggests so that youve potentially lost what you needed to and your diet and bloods have stabalused and remained so so that your in a good position for a healthy pregnancy

    Good luck hun
  • kc82
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    I got pregnancy 2.5 years post-op VSG. I started at 165 lbs and gained 40 lbs (so I was 205 lbs at delivery). I had a very healthy pregnancy and I felt great. I was on a prenatal vitamin the entire time that was prescribed by my doctor. My stomach and everything was fine with the baby (and he was a BIG baby). I was able to eat much more while pregnant, however restriction returned after I had him. I lost all the weight, plus some after having him, however over the last 9 months I've slowly been gaining again. I feel like I can eat more (I am now 4 years post-op). My doctors seem to think I could be suffering from a postpartum thyroid disorder (which is fairly common I guess). So I'm waiting on the results of that.