What am I doing wrong?

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Im new to keto and figuring out net carbs for some is just not sinking im! 5 days on it but I'm sure Im not in keto. I do know i lost a couple inches and had headaches in the evening which I finally had none last night.
Net carbs is just kicking my butt for some reading. Its always like negative something. Ex.
-41 cabs
23 fiber

Thanks for the help and any advice! I wish I could an app that figured out net carbs.


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    Net carbs is total carbs minus fiber - designed to account for the non-digestible parts of plants. Depending on where you are, foods may come already labeled with 'carbs' as 'net carbs' - I believe this is the case in the UK. In the USA, 'carbs' is always 'total carbs' and fiber is listed separately.

    You don't have to use net carbs at all for tracking, you can just track total carbs if that is easier for you.
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    Im in the US but I'll try to do it without net carbs. Might be easier!
    Thanks so much!
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    I tended to do something like 50 grams of carbs with no more than half of that in fiber. A little over from veggie carbs didn't worry me at all...

    Headaches are low sodium and electrolytes. This WOE makes you dump and need to replace around 5000 mg of sodium daily, on average. The headaches WILL RETURN if you don't manage your electrolytes.

    As for being in keto, eating that low of carbs, you will be eventually, if you aren't already. Stick to your numbers. No worries.

    The only thing you are doing "wrong," if you can call it that, are not reading up on preventative stuff (like extra sodium!) in the Launchpad here or similar resource (main page, sticky post) and not being patient enough to let the process happen. It takes at least 4 weeks, and generally 12 full weeks, too see the true progress of dietary changes.

    So, keep on "wronging" what you're doing... It will work. And if after 12 weeks, things still aren't doing anything, you aren't feeling better, etc., there are research paths to get to root cause. Healing in the body takes precedence over losing weight!!!
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    It takes time to figure all this out in your head and time for your body to adjust. Sodium is massively important as has been addressed already. It bears repeating!!

    Once you've adjusted it will get easy! Keep on keeping on!