New Keto Book. "The Ketogenic Bible".

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It was mentioned in another forum. I picked it up at the library and have read through it. It is an easy read with "the basics" without all the scientific explanations. HOWEVER, throughout the book he has a total of 20 pages of references for those who want to dig deeper and read the research. The ~400 page book also has ~200 pages of recipes (with color pics :) ) and a couple pages of websites, podcasts and organizations frequently mentioned on this site.

Keep in mind the author is a RESEARCHER-PhD. He's defined as a skeletal muscle physiologist, sports nutritionist, ketogenic diet expert. Also attached is what I believe can be seen as episode 996 from livinlowcarb though I didn't confirm that. This one is on youtube via

I'm neither yes or no on the info. I'm just posting for those who may have interest in his research. The video is quite interesting. Very interesting, in fact. He does specifically reference "keto for weight loss" around the 25 minute area in answering FAQ.


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    This guy is awesome. His research and knowledge is amazing. I pre-ordered the book and got it in a couple of weeks ago. I have not been able to read all the way through it (medical issues and traveling). I plan to spend my lunch hour over the next several days reading it. Lots of great info!
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    Yes. I think it is quite good and the video is excellent. He mentions Jeff Volek numerous times throughout. Volek's research being one of the highly favored in this forum and elsewhere. Dr. (PhD) Wilson's research taps onto and expands the research of Volek and others. Wilson's research/interest seems to be in the body building realm but the book and this video are very applicable and "spot on" to low carb weight loss. IMO. I expect to see more interviews/podcasts by him as has occurred with Domenic DeAgostino.

    What I found particularly interesting is his talk about transitioning off a ketogenic diet. My perception of this is that the transitioning is something that is used in the body building realm (which I'm not familiar with) but that information is also applicable to those who are eating keto and have a "slip" or to those who use keto for weight loss with intent of re-introducing more carbs at a later time.
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    Thanks for the link.
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    Jacob Wilson is in the profession of studying performance and body composition enhancement via a ketogenic diet. He and his partner, Ryan Lowery, have a dedicated facility in FL for this purpose. His studies get questioned regarding methods and the slight push for exogenous ketones, but regardless, he is one of the few researchers dedicated to looking at a keto diet exclusively and using carbs strategically for performance and aesthetics. From what I understand, the book itself is a pretty solid source of introductory physiology for keto.
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    @kpk54, thx for the heads-up!