How do I decide which surgery to have? Band/sleeve/bypass?



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    I've actually heard that gastric bypass has a high chance of allowing your stomach to stretch back. With sleeve surgery, most of the stretchy part of your stomach is removed. I am almost 4 years out from sleeve surgery and I still have a lot of restriction, I think my stomach stretched very little if at all.

    That's really good to know, thank you.
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    Many surgeons have stopped doing lap bands. There have been a lot of people who have had to have them revised to a sleeve or RnY due to erosion of the stomach wall, ulcers, etc.

    I've read a lot of about this and it slightly worries me that they are so widely available in the UK if that's the case. They are only in the running because of price and the fact I personally know people who have had good experiences.

    Uk here, 3 and a half years out from surgery........ my hospital who operate on those in the whole yorkshire area do not offer the band due to complications, low sucess of patiemts in losing weight and the cost of having yo do corrections and revisions

    I chose bypass as i had over 200lb to lose
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    I like the idea of the sleeve but I have a huge sweet tooth switch makes me thing a bypass could work better:/

    Not all bypass patients have dumping syndrome with sugars/fats. I learned that from My 600lb life.
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    Down with lap band! In my support group there were soooo many people there who had to have theirs taken out and were now in the process of doing either the sleeve or the RNY. I had RNY because it's the most drastic and I felt like it was only one that would work long term for me. I don't get dumping syndrome, I had it once or twice when I was figuring out what I could eat and couldn't but I haven't had it in several years. 145lbs lost, I'd do it all over again.