Ahhh. We who lack hormones unite!

Please excuse the following self-satisfied wallow. I share in hopes that it helps some of you do your own self-satisfied wallow. We may be old but we do have things to be happy about!

As I watch the younger folks in the 10-day challenges deal with the wide swings in their water retention due to the monthly cycle, I once again rejoice that all that is behind me. I keep track of calories and sodium and, for the most part, these explain in a pretty straight forward manner what the scale tells me in the morning. If I maintain my calorie deficit and limit my sodium consumption, I lose like clockwork.

My retired life is a nice, even level of lovely regular activities and lack thereof. As the dowager duchess asked, "What's a weekend?" It's all weekend. I can control my eating or not as easily on a Saturday night as on a Tuesday night. I have time and a growing understanding of myself that helps me figure out how to change my eating habits without too much angst.

Just as I was thinking I was getting too old to clip my own toenails, it got easier because there's less of me to work around. My wonky hip doesn't grind quite as much. My wedding ring isn't so tight. I already wear elastic waists so wardrobe adjustment is leisurely and I don't dress up. Cheap, stretchy clothes are easy to replace with smaller cheap, stretchy clothes and one can order them online.

Life is good.


  • mxchana
    mxchana Posts: 666 Member
    Really enjoyed reading this, Heidi - you have every right to feel satisfied and even jubilant for what you have accomplished.

    I agree, I also celebrate once in a while the lack of inconvenience I had to go through for decades, all for nought in my case, since I have no children. Don't miss that at all! ~ Cathy

  • retirehappy
    retirehappy Posts: 4,752 Member
    Yes, getting older does have some rewards for sure. My wardrobe is tiny now that I have been retired and lost weight & built up some muscle, over the last three years. You get spoiled when you go out, not so many crowds because you can go midweek, not on weekends to museums, botanical gardens, the mountains, etc. So much less traffic too. Love my retired life.
  • Mariang165
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    Heidi, thanks for posting, most enjoyable read and glad to hear of your wonderful, small victories that come along with your weight loss. I hope I will start to enjoy some of these in the very near future. Yes, for most of us life is what we make it! Cheers, Marian