New to Group

I am almost 51. I need to lose about 44 pounds or so to get to my goal.

I am looking for people to motivate me and keep me on my toes. Let's get this group moving! I see it has been quiet for a while. I think we really need an ACTIVE group for those of us in our 50's.



  • louisemallas
    louisemallas Posts: 59 Member
    Sorry Teresa - missed your post. You are right the group has been quiet for a while and it would be good if we were more active. Seems we're not so fiesty after all, lol. I'm 52 and had about 50lbs to lose but am well on my way 20lbs gone. Feel free to add me if you like. I log in daily (except when I went on my hols as there was no wifi and I wasn't paying roaming changes). Louise
  • candoquilts
    candoquilts Posts: 6 Member
    I am 51 and don't need to lose 80 pounds anymore, down to about needing to lose 70! I have CFS, chronic migraines and fibromyalgia which makes my journey a little more difficult than others.
    I am looking to add friends for support and encouragement and will be sending out some friend requests. Looking forward to a succussful, healthy journey!
  • viragoeap
    viragoeap Posts: 107
    Hi ladies

    Sorry I missed your posts earlier and welcome to our little group. I have to get on here as and when I can so my posts can be a bit sparodic. I'm Elaine for the UK and I'm 52. A couple of back issues, not a serious weight problem but I do have to keep it down because of the problem it causes my back! I love running and most other forms of exercise and like most of us, I love FOOD! I'm not keeping a food diary at the moment as it's pretty much under control, but I keep threatening myself with it if i put too much poundage on! So feel free to jump on for the ride!
  • JanetteBradleyMahnken
    Sorry I have missed your msgs too! I am getting msgs when people post to my wall but I don't think I am getting msgs to when people are posting in my groups any more? And I have just been really busy and thinking if a msg was posted in here I would get an email msg to notify me? But maybe not? I wish there was an easy way to see what groups members belong to? Or what city members live in? I only be long to a few groups in here, but this one seems to be the most active! And seems to have the most members that actively post often on my wall! So thanks for that. I belong to several other online weight loss groups on different sites, and they seem to have a much more active group/team thing going on then MFP. But I really like MFP any ways and really like this group! Any one that wants more friends in here, pls send me a friend request if you haven't already. By the way, I am 53, I started Mother's Day weekend at 170, and today I am at 157.1, and I live in Escondido, CA. Is there anyone that lives close to there in this group?