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  • RangerRickL
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    Today was fun and productive too. I did a Saturday morning public workshop and then caught up on projects in the afternoon. No stress! Rose is in Phoenix with our friend, Anne. I'll be meeting Rose this Wednesday in @LorraineGB home town (this side of Great Britain anyway) Las Vegas.
    Calories: nice margin
    Exercise: only had time for walking today
    Tracking: Back on the tracks
  • molly3210
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    Yes x 3
    Family is in town from the East coast. They brought us goodies which may be worth train derailment.... We'll see how tomorrow (Sunday) goes!
  • LoraineGB
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? No
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    So here’s how today went… I have a pup that’s had an upset belly for a couple of days. He woke me around 3:45am to go out and I couldn’t get back to sleep. We didn’t go on our walk early because my soccer team was playing at 7am and we are dancing around the relegation zone. We should have walked, they lost. Then I went to an orientation to be a volunteer at the LV Animal Foundation.

    I came home and promptly fell asleep and woke around 6:30pm.

    @RangerRickL I really hope you and Rose enjoy your time here, there’s so much more to Vegas than the partying. And I’m really hoping I can catch up with you but as I’m out of town, I don’t know if that’ll happen?

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    @Ceceev great job! :)
  • GrandmaJackie
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    Using my 1st pass!
  • LoraineGB
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    Ceceev wrote: »
    Yes to all three!
    I had a wonderful competition day yesterday. I qualified in the pool for the State 50+ Olympics in July! I have a lot of work to do...also I am working to qualify at 1500m on the track in May...so no slacking for me LOL. What was most amazing to me were these two women who were 82 and 84. They swam all the long distances in the pool...400 and 500 m. They were like the energizer bunny. One lady blew kisses to the audience when she reached the wall! What a great role model for continuing activity as we age...r56m6b67fkfv.jpg

    Incredible! Well done, I’ll be watching and supporting you o:)
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    @Ceceev Congratulations for your successful competition! Be sure to keep us all posted on your continued progress. You are an incredible inspiration, and proof positive that commitment and hard work is rewarded with a gratifying pay off!

    @drea2011 "I just love this group :) keeps me so motivated!" I second that!
  • lcollaro
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    February 24

    Pass #2 - exercise yes and first 2 meals logged in and on track but went out for dinner with the family and didn't log it and probably more calories than needed to stay within goal.
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    Nothing today
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    Yes x 3 (housework)