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We meet here to explore, share, celebrate, and (sometimes) agonize over how we do (or don't) incorporate weight loss guidelines into our daily lives. "It's a lifestyle, not a diet" is easily and often said, but sometimes not so simply put into practice.

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Today's Topic: How are you dealing with Winter? Does it have any impact on your weight management plan--positive or negative?


  • Al_Howard
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    Not very much, except that salad isn't tempting a zero degrees.
  • gadgetgirlIL
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    In spite of living in northern Illinois my entire life, I seem to have a case of the winter doldrums this year. Probably didn't help that the end of December/start of January had a 13 day streak where we never got into the 20s. I think we tied to previous record. I also had 2 rounds of dealing with some sort of virus that my husband and I were passing back and forth in January. And now we are getting snow so the roads are messy but it hasn't been enough snow to be able to snowshoe. But perhaps this weekend the snow base will be good as we are supposed to have another storm on Thursday night.

    The irony of this snowy spell is that I'm probably taking delivery of a new road bike on Saturday but won't be able to ride it outside for a couple of weeks until the weather improves and the ice and snow is gone from the roads.

    The scale has moved downward over the past 2 weeks but that was probably from not having much of an appetite when the virus was at its worst.

    And then there is the whole work stuff (determination if my academic program will continue) hanging over my head. We have a meeting with the dean on Friday afternoon so maybe will get some idea of what the powers to be are planning.

    "Wednesday's child is full of woe". I was born on a Wednesday.
  • 88olds
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    Even living in Key West, the days got shorter, the weather cooler (I had to it on long pants) and I started eating more.

    Just went back to tracking after the scale crept over my new lower line in the sand. It’s day 3. The calorie counting ramp up is a pain.

    But already I’ve been smacked in the face by reality. Those little stops in the kitchen add up fast.
  • myallforjcbill
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    I can't say it matters much. This year it is a mild winter in NoCal. Due to back issues outdoor activity is limited anyway.
  • podkey
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    Seasons have little to no influence on my eating or weight control. I use to think I gained a smidge "every summer" with more social events after bike rides etc and lost "every fall and winter". Uh nope. Holidays and events occur many months of the year. I joined WW around Halloween and .lost 50+ by April so that might be part of it. It is a bit different year to year.

    I did eat too much at Super Bowl neighborhood event this year. Meh.
  • misterhub
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    I live in SoCal. Winter is the occasional rain shower. And, a lot more avocados.
  • beachwoman2006
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    The seasons don't seem to really have much of an impact on me any longer. I used to have what I called by "winter gain" and my "summer loss". I attributed that to the fact that I was more active during the summer and went into slug mode in the winter. The past 2-3 years I haven't really seen anything other than gains regardless of the season LOL

    The good news is that, so far this winter, I've had losses. So maybe the seasons really had nothing to do with it?

    Of course it's hard to call it "winter" when the temperature is 63 degrees at 9:30am on February 7th.
  • Jimb376mfp
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    I grew up in Midwest with REAL winters. 2007 moved to VA near Norfolk. Mild winters have spoiled me!
    This year we got more snow and cold than usual and I used that as an a excuse to not get up and out of the house.
    I was having too much canned soup and turkey chili and had a Net Gain in January (1.8#).
    I’m TIRED of winter weather.I am working on February as a turn it around month! I did get up and get out this morning.
    Will use this LTL Topic to get out for an afternoon walk with Sadie :smile:
    Our dog.
  • jasper60103
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    "Today's Topic: How are you dealing with Winter? Does it have any impact on your weight management plan--positive or negative? "

    Yea, with temperatures in the teens at best, my outdoor activities have been limited.
    The weather man says we "should" see twenties next week, yeh!
    That said, I do more indoor exercise.
  • GoRun2
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    We are having unusually warm and dry weather in northern CA, which is not good for the environment. I am taking advantage of really beautiful weather right now. Great weather for walking and hiking. High's in the 70's.
  • Calvin2008Brian
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    I don't want to blame winter, but it doesn't help. I get less activity, and am more drawn to cookies, sweets, and comfort foods. My lack of diligence is showing up on the scale in a big way over the past month and a half. I'm working this week on restoring my focus on better choices and tracking, tracking, tracking.
  • minimyzeme
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    Well I appreciate your thoughts and answers. For me, Winter is messing more with my head than weight management this year. As you probably know from past posts, we've had some of the same ups and downs many of you have had--moderation seems nonexistent this season.

    I *kitten* when the snow chores pile up and take all my free time and energy. I also know that that frustration and anxiety is telling me I need to change my situation. I don't think I can take (m)any more of the Winters here. That's a bit of a sobering reality and I'm not quite sure what it means. I don't know that I have to escape the season all together but I definitely need to scale down the maintenance responsibilities. I think it's telling me I'm getting older or maybe wiser (or both).

    When I can fit it in, much of the Winter has been good for snowshoeing. I've always enjoyed that and I do even more not packing the extra weight around. I can go longer and steeper and that feels good. I'm still squeezing in a regular walk when I can too. Sometimes the dog goes with me but much of the time it's been too cold for her. I go when I can, when it's not stupid to be walking the road (when the little traffic that's on it can see me). I do enjoy it and feel myself getting stronger and better able to cope with the steep hill.

    I've been tempted to eat junk / sweets / anything... but have pretty well resisted. It feels good to know those feelings are there but not react. Or if I do, I eat no- or low-point foods. I've gained a little but not a lot and that's a win in itself.
  • Rachel0778
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    Winter sucks. I live in Minnesota and it's just awful this time of year. It's dark all the time and it just takes more effort to get out of the house and do things. Plus I don't have the benefit of all the extra dog walks I do in the summer. That being said, I have less social events around this time of year so there are less tempting food options. I don't think it affects my weight as much but it definitely affects my mood!
  • misterhub
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    @Rachel0778 I have a longtime friend who grew up in Arizona, but married a guy from Minnesota. They moved to Minnesota after he left the Navy, and they've lived there for many years. She hates the winters. Hates. She says she has never gotten used to it, and it affects her mood in a very negative fashion.

    OTOH, I have another friend who moved there, and she's gone native. It's just another day to her - and she's from SoCal.

    I don't believe I could handle the cold.
  • whathapnd
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    I suffer from SAD, and winters have historically been tough for me from a weight management standpoint. A friend described winters where we live as "a big grey bucket of suck." I just want to crawl in a hole.

    Knowing what's happened in the past, I set out to lose weight this winter and to try to do other mood-boosting things like getting more sleep, getting some sun when available and being more diligent about taking vitamin D. My levels are currently low. So far, so good. I'm keeping things simple from an eating standpoint and started exercising a bit this week.