kicking the fast food addiction

i am BAD for loving fast food. it's a horrible addiction. i cant afford it body or money wise! but why cant i stop!!!!


  • JamesAztec
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    It's engineered to be ADDICTIVE. The salt sugar and fat are combined in ways that are highly palatable. You will go through withdrawals but it will be worth it.
  • hroderick
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    prepare extra good food that you can heat and eat quick. have an emergency plan for when munchies attack
  • MelvintheGreatIII
    I'm following what the rock does and reserve Saturdays for whatever i want to eat day. I just make sure I have the calories and exercise to offset the extra calories.
  • williamjoseph1988
    Because it's easy... Don't be easy
  • brittanystraka589
    It is addictive not only because its easy but engineered to be that way. I don't remember where I found this or when I saw it but look up what a Big Mac looks like after a month. while most food gets moldy and gross looking in a days while being left out after a month (give or take) Big Mac is left out for a month it is neither moldy or gross looking. if that helps. But take a few hours and stock up on snack and preparation it out along with other food for lunches for the week so all you have to do is grab and go. with that it will be like going through the drive through quick and easy but a whole lot better for you.
  • neiluk44
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    It tastes toooo good especially KFC
  • fitgaltoo
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    It's not really food. Truth be told.
  • leeangarber1
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    fitgaltoo wrote: »
    It's not really food. Truth be told.

    Hahaha so true
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Salt, fat, sugar.
    I dumped it by going cold turkey. I did a two week re-boot of my eating. About 16 years ago. After the reboot it took about two more weeks to completely lose my taste for it. Now things like McDonalds french fries hurt my tongue they are so salty.
    I'll eat a piece of fast food chicken maybe once a year. Subway *salads* in a pinch, but that's about it.
    Good luck
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    hroderick wrote: »
    prepare extra good food that you can heat and eat quick. have an emergency plan for when munchies attack


    I had a horrible fast food habit. Taco Bell is like....half a mile away and it’s cheap as hell.

    I haven’t had it in almost three months now Bc I’ve been super on top of prepping my meals. If i didn’t have something waiting for me every day after work, I’d be down there in a hot second.

    But the longer you go without it, the less you want it.
  • theGreatPondero
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    I used to be addicted to Jack in the Box, late at night, so much junk in my mouth! Two things helped - actually tracking those calories (one oreo shake is more than half a day's worth of calories, not to mention all that I ordered with it) in order to shock the mind. And two, allowing myself a transition period on real, whole foods. So, eating peanut butter by the spoonful, or a bunch of dried fruit (raisins and dried mangoes were some favorites) - that is, food that are still calorie dense and even with some added sugar (mangoes), but weaned me off the insane crap that is fast food.
  • LeighNC
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    I noticed that after I ate fast food, I felt guilty, knowing I was not improving my health. Sure, it tasted good and was cheap, but I was starving several hours later, because there is no nutrition in the food. After switching to clean eating a month or so ago, I noticed I feel positive about what I eat. I feel in control, too. No huge, out of control binges.