Winter 2018 - Week 8 - Let’s Regroup

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Hello Ladies,

Some of us are on track to achieving our goals and some of us aren’t. Either way is okay. It’s a lifelong journey. For those of us who have been consistent with our routines in eating, exercising, logging and everything else that has had a positive impact on this journey—please share how you believe you have been successful thus far. For those of us that seem to be off track, why do you think that is?

I encourage a healthy, honest conversation amongst us all. We literally have 35 days left in this challenge. Let’s identify some keys things that can get us to the finish line with a smile :smiley:


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    I lost 30 lbs in 2015 and stopped logging my food. Although I try to be a mindful eater, a few pounds were creeping back on in 2017. Thanks to this group, the consistent logging has been VERY helpful to get me back on track with my eating. I also truly appreciate seeing that most of us have weeks that are good and not-so-good. It's normalizing and humanizing.

    I honestly doubt that I will make my goal, but I don't care. I feel like I am in more control than before. Thanks!
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    I have not been as successful as I wanted to, but thanks to this group, I have kept myself truly accountable (to you) and continued. I normally would have given up by now and stopped trying. Since I have been part of this group, I WANT to keep going. I have kept looking for new ways to find motivation, be accountable and honest. I feel like I might finally be on track and still could make my goal if I keep up like I have for the last 10 days. Thanks guys! :smiley:
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    Through this challenge so far, I've been on the elimination diet to figure out my food sensitivities. I haven't really logged my food on here either or workouts, even though I have been working out. I don't track my calories (in fact, I never have really paid much attention to calories since I've been on this site) and mostly been eating/cooking at home. Rarely am I eating processed foods at all. That's really due to the fact that I can't eat most stuff because of things I'm supposed to avoid eating or else I'll screw up my current diet and will end up with mixed results.

    Anyway, I will say my sugar cravings have been pretty minimal and don't find myself really overeating, if at all. I think my loss is due to mostly what I'm eating, or rather, not eating. Making sure I balance my meals CFP (carb, fat protein). Because I've cut out so much, I've never realized how much my energy, cravings, sleep, etc., are linked to probably why I ate. I was tired, didn't feel rested, had cravings for sugar, body was achy, wanted certain foods, etc.

    In short, the lesson I've learned and that I've had to really do to stay on track with this process, is honestly eat whole foods. When I go to the store, I mostly go to the produce section, butcher counter and maybe buy grains/legumes, etc. I may pick up olive oil or some spices/herbs, but I haven't bought much "packaged" food per se. It's forced me to be creative about my snacks and food tastes so much better. My palette has changed. It's funny when an apple or banana tastes almost too sugary.

    I won't lie in that this takes effort, because it does. While the scale has moved which I'm happy about, I'm more happy about how I feel in my body. I may not be at my desired weight, but my blood work and the energy, sleep, etc., shows me what an overall improvement I've made not only in the past 6 weeks, but how hard I've worked to change my diet the past 6-7 years. I had a friend say she thinks I eat way healthier than her and is probably the healthiest eater she knows and we live in a health conscious area.

    I get to feel physically great daily and that outweighs (no pun intended) the scale. Pants fit better, my skin looks good, I'm happier, I'm more rested and it's like my body has what it needs to keep me moving in my life.

    *steps off pedestal*
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    I go back and forth all the time with feeling successful vs unsuccsessful. I've lost over 70 pounds, which I know is awesome and I'm really proud of myself, but I'm still pretty overweight and have at least another 35 pounds to lose, but probably closer to 50 if I'm going with the BMI chart. Some days it feels impossible but other days I think well I've already lost 35 pounds twice over so I can do it again no problem.

    I've realized in the past month or so that the key for me is regular exercise in the mornings before work. If I can get up and get to the gym then it sets me up to have a successful day because I just feel good and I eat better since I don't want to undo my hard work. I stopped going to my fancy trainer at the end of January and I mostly feel good about doing it on my own. I use an app called Virtuagym which is awesome. I made my own exercise plan and it's great knowing exactly what I'm going to do when I get to the gym.

    I also weigh myself daily and record it in an app but "officially" log my weight on here once a week on Fridays or Saturdays. Sometimes I get caught up in the small/nonexistant daily changes but I really like have the daily data to look back on and weighing daily helps keep my eating in check. I'm also obsessed with spreadsheets so I track my weekly weight, trends, and goals in a spreadsheet. I really love looking at the data and I have it set so that it will calculate future weights based on average losses and it's really motivating to see that if I stay on track I'll hit a goal weight around a certain date.

    With all of that, I still feel like I have no control in restaurants and around junk food. If I don't buy candy/chips/cookies I'm fine and don't really miss them but if they are in my house I WILL eat them. And if I'm going out for dinner, do I really want to get a salad? Sometimes, but sometimes I want the dang burger and fries. I don't think it's realistic to just never buy chips again or avoid going to restaurants so I worry about my long term success.

    I'm not sure if I'll hit my goal for this challenge, but that's ok. One thing I tell myself when I get discouraged is just keep trying.
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    spzjlb wrote: »
    I also truly appreciate seeing that most of us have weeks that are good and not-so-good. It's normalizing and humanizing.

    Yes, this! It's comforting to know I'm not the only one struggling.
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    I am not successful till now but we still have 35 days :smiley: ... Reasons of my failure are as following
    1. Not logging food
    2. Inconsistency
    3. Stress due to studies
    4. Not doing exercise regularly
    5. Stopped opening this group
    I was doing fine initially but then I just stopped everything. I think most important thing is motivation and this group is great source for it. Fingers crossed for upcoming days :)
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    My success comes when I can stop myself from eating crap food. I haven’t been doing that. I’ve also been feeling pretty good about myself. I’m carrying extra fat but essentially I’m at a healthy weight. So my motivation is low! Does this make sense? I took some bikini pics today and I might try on some summer dresses later. Because that’s what motivates me: being leaner by summertime. So I have to tap into that motivation.
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