Getting FAT in!

So I’ve been on a Keto friendly diet for just over a week. Besides suffering from a very bad ‘Keto Flu’ it’s been so enjoyable so far. I love that I don’t crave as much sweets as I used to!

However, I’ve been tracking my macros using this app and I’m always over on protein, generally on track with carbs (not perfect as it’s been a huge adjustment but I’m trying!) and always around 15-20% below my ‘fat intake goal’.

I feel like I’m eating lots of fats but apparently I am not. Can anyone suggest any foods? I already eat lots of nut butters, coconut oil, bacon/cheese, sausage, eggs, butter, etc.


  • anelyaG
    anelyaG Posts: 42 Member
    From what you said, your protein is over your daily intake (it's calculated 0.6/0.8 gr of protein multiply by your weight), so maybe remove a few protein heavy foods (sausage, eggs) and add a teaspoon of ghee in your coffee, if you drink it. I also just take a teaspoon of olive oil when I see that I am low on fat by the end of the day. Helps a lot to bump that up ;)
  • LiveLoveKeto
    LiveLoveKeto Posts: 17 Member
    I have the exact same problem, even after being on Keto for a few months now. I Have been incorporating both Butter and MCT oil into any food I can sneak it into (coffee/tea, sauces, baking recipes, fat bombs, ect.). And speaking of fat bombs, those are very helpful. Most people make them as deserts but they don't have to be.

    Also, if you don't already do it, I highly reccomend following Keto users on YouTube, especially the cooking channels. My personal favorite is 'Keto Connect', I have made so many of their recipes.

    Good luck <3