Swimtrek Advice

sarabushby Posts: 782 Member
Hi Swimmers...
I am really keen to book a Swimtrek (or similar) holiday but aware that my swimming is not yet at the right level of endurance. Most of the weeks are around 5km daily swimming split into 2 swims.

I have done a 5km river swim a few years ago, I swim usually just twice a week as I am training for my second half-Ironman. So my fitness levels are good, usual pool swims are 2-2.5km distance. Speed is ok, around 7min/400m.

My question is... if I try to build up my endurance, how soon is realistic to look to get something booked. Is building up swimming like running, in that in order to avoid injury you should not increase total weekly distance by more than 10% at a time? Or do you think I can build it up quicker? My concern is I wouldn’t want to get a shoulder injury. My upper body is quite weak, press ups are not very doable and pull ups a complete no-no.

Thanks if anyone has any experience of these holidays or building up your mileage, I’d love some advice.

Ps ... no idea how I’ll fit this in with my cycling & running but hey!