Raw Vegan

Day 21 / Week 3 of raw veganism. No overt fats, no salt, no sugar. Anyone else trying this?


  • raulsgirl75
    raulsgirl75 Posts: 36 Member
    Doing a 30 day juice fast does that count?
  • DennisB81
    DennisB81 Posts: 6 Member
    Did this many years ago. Should have stuck with it. Getting back into it. Not fruitarian though, just raw. So I do eat nuts.

    Post your food for the day here.
  • UltraVegAthlete
    UltraVegAthlete Posts: 667 Member
    I had a whole seeded watermelon, a bag of red grapes, and 2 apples (Fuji and opal) today.
  • mutantspicy
    mutantspicy Posts: 624 Member
    I down with you on the no salt and no unnatural sugar. But I have to have fat in my diet, I have a deficiency from a fat malabsorption issue, but also fat is delicious. But in the spirit of things, I get most of my fat from fish, avocados, and nuts. The only processed fat I get is from olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame seed oil. No animal fats other than eggs.

    To your point Raw veggies need no frills, pick em off the vine and eat. Yummy. A majority of my diet is raw, but I cook at least one meal a day.
  • aharland8912
    aharland8912 Posts: 2 Member
    Id love to! but cant afford it yet, but when my little ones grow up and move out i plan on going in! I eat all raw vegan during the day then as clean as possible for dinner little meat and fruits/veg