Foods you find most filling?



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    I feel hungry now when I started mfp I was eating the same food as a professional Body Builder
    but not the same calories as im trying to loose weight maybe around 1800 calories baked potatoe brocoli chicken breast, or white rice or fish a little sauce somtimes for flavour, oats, and nuts eggs, I felt great after every meal lots of energy felt full and strong these carbs are good,they say bodybuilders dont mess with there food if they get it wrong they dont get paid, I need to get back to this Thanks from Richard
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    A gram of fat has 9 calories whereas a gram of protein has less. Fat takes longer to digest so it stays with you longer. It's rich and filling. Most mornings I eat protein-rich, 5% fat Fage Total plain yogurt with fresh fruit. I get my protein and rich yogurt without that tang that turns me off from other yogurts! I shake up the fruit to keep it deliciously interesting - today it was rainier cherries and blueberries. Tomorrow it'll be canary melon. I often eat apple bananas with yogurt for that starchy, sweet taste and mouthfeel. It keeps me going until lunch.

    I make a huge salad for lunch. I literally use a serving bowl to put it in.
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    A cup of 2% milk with 20 minutes of willpower. I also remind myself that it is OK to be hungry between meals. I love to eat before bed and don't feel hungry before 10am. So I have a tiny breakfast that lasts me until noon, then enough healthy snacks after dinner to fill in the missing calories. I think it helps me keep the calories low and be really hungry for dinner and the added calories I'll have later. For example right now I've had 3 meals and only 900 calories. I get another 600 to reach 1500 before I start eating exercise calories.

    It may help to understand what is triggering the hunger feelings, for example I can't watch the foodie TV shows amymore. I had to break bad habits of a drive-home snack and a gas-up treat. Instead now I have great menus planned and the ingredients already purchased (thanks to that I WANT to be hungry for when it is time to eat. Before, when dinner was the same-o meh, I'd grab a burger on the way home and still eat the meh.
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    I found a great recipe w/ Jicama that works for fiber and for filling up. I'm not a fan of cold jicama, but it is a great potato (french fry, hash brown, chip) substitute, peel the jicama and cut into french fry size shapes (or shred for hash browns) and boil for 8 mins, then bake for 30 mins at 400, you can get creative and add garlic and chili flakes in the oven. They don't really crisp up, but eat w/ some of Amy's Brand Ketchup and it's pretty close and satisfying. Other than that, drink 100+ ounces of water a day, definitely helps.
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    Grapefruit, watermelon in season, and moving
  • Tracie_Lord
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    I'm on day 6 of conscious totally 100% clean eating - do it most of my diet but not fully like this and I feel great!

    Eggs, chicken, broccoli - any high protein foods give me the 'full' feeling
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    Try eating a peanut butter an banana sandwich if you have not already
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    I see a lot of posts talking about eating Lite this and Lite that, please don't. If you are going to eat mayo, for example, and you do not make it yourself, then you must get something like Sir Kensington's or other organic mayo, and you want full fat. Low fat means more sugar which is in my opinion more detrimental than the fat. I do this and my Cholesterol numbers are fantastic except for my triglycerides. My triglycerides are bad because I cannot find a doctor that knows how to treat people without a Thyroid and my Thyroid levels are too low for me to lose weight, in fact, they are causing me to have a 30 lb weight gain. My weight gain is NOT from eating full fat mayo.
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    My triglycerides are bad because I cannot find a doctor that knows how to treat people without a Thyroid and my Thyroid levels are too low for me to lose weight, in fact, they are causing me to have a 30 lb weight gain. My weight gain is NOT from eating full fat mayo.

    I didn't know a low thyroid could do that to triglycerides? My latest blood work showed very high triglycerides and low thyroid. Doctor upped my thyroid, now I'm wondering if that's what raised my triglycerides.

  • emjay196363
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    For filling foods - brown rice, chili beans, and shredded cheese hold me for hours.
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    If I'm eating a meal, to be filled up, then I eat my dense protein, add some healthy fat to it, then fill up the rest of my tum with low glycemic veggies (as many as I want). It will most often consist of a serving of broccoli or something like that plus leafy greens, either raw, sauteed, or in a bone broth. I love turnip greens with pepper vinegar in bone broth. If I start with that, then I eat much less at the meal.

    Another meal that's super low cal, super high fiber (pre-biotic) is shirataki noodles sauteed with lots of veggies and 3oz of protein. Very healthy for you and very filling.

    If it's a snack, then I go for things like raw veggies and Grk yogurt with seasoning in it.

    Another snack that holds me for hours is 1 light string cheese + 1/2 granny smith apple + 1/2oz almonds
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    I switched to low carb in May and now have excellent blood test results and NO cravings (and have lost about 25 pounds since then - almost at goal). The proteins keep me full.
    • high protein(60gm): fish, chicken, nuts, egg-based protein powder, beans (no red meats or dairy)
    • Lots of water (and extra salt to keep electrolytes level)
    • Low carb (<100gm): mostly starchy veggies, beans, soy, and non-dairy substitutes)
    • Normal amount of fats - but low-LDL varieties: tree nuts, peanuts, avocado, lite(flavored) olive oil to cook, and olive-oil based mayo.
  • Tracie_Lord
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    protein for me - eggs especially

    Love fritatas with lots of different veg
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    I'm of the opinion that there are different types of hunger.

    If your blood sugar is low (Feeling weak or light headed, sometimes nauseous) carbs will bring it up, but protein will keep it up.

    If your stomach is empty (Hunger pains and rumbling belly) fiber is more filling.

    If you just crave food even when you don't really need it (Munchies) try drinking more water. Oddly enough, your body will tell you to eat if you aren't getting enough water.

    Hope this helps someone. Also, try getting more chromium in your diet, especially if you're not eating a lot of grains. Apples are one good source.
  • Potatoes and oatmeal keep me really full. Nuts as well.
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    Popcorn! And eggs.
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    clean carbs try this - microwave some slices of sweet potato about sliced bread thickness two minutes should do. then pat dry with paper towel and toast in your toaster like three times and eat like toasted bread maybe with some chilli jam on them. MMMM eggs on toast will never be the same again.
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    hard boiled eggs works for me
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    high fibrous meals with alot of raw vegetables. different kinds of lettuce, cabbages, tomatoes, (cooked black beans) cucumber etc., It takes longer to eat because they require a lot of chewing. It hits my stomach. Drinking water with psyllium fiber before and/or during a meal also helps with satiety.
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    Dense vegetables like avocado with my meal fills me up- also I steam/ roast some cauliflower or broccoli with ghee- make it a bit crunchy - tastes great and can’t eat anything after that!