Tracking Fiber or Sugar?

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Hello - I'm getting back in the swing of living a moderate carb lifestyle. My daily macros are set for 30C/35F/35P and my diary is also set to log sodium and sugar. I'm insulin resistant - taking metformin. I typically don't have an issue staying at or below my sugar intake for the day, although I have never paid to much attention to fiber intake. But, from my understanding if I'm eating a carb heavy meal with more fiber I'll have less of an insulin reaction. Any one have any insight on whether tracking fiber has helped or if the sugar levels are more impactful. I wish there was one more section that would keep a running tally for the day. Thanks :)


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    "I wish there was one more section that would keep a running tally for the day".
    From the big blue banner, go into Food, go into Settings.
    The options include both sugar and fiber, so set those and you can track carbs, fiber, sugar, fats, and proteins.

    I think at those levels of macro you should track the sugar and the fiber. Sugar is more impactful since that is what raises the BS levels to begin with, fiber helps to lower it.
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    Thanks for your reply - I have Cals, carbs, fats, protein, sodium, and sugar currently. I'd like to be able to add fiber to that list instead of an either/or situation.

    I guess to clarify my question I should add - I'm looking to understand if low carb folks track total or net carbs, and what difference has it made in your weight loss?
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    I have both listed in my dairy. Sugar is usually under 5g a day (I'm ketogenic and on the low side of that) and fibre is usually 1/3 to 2/3 of my carb total. As long as sugar is low, and fibre is not tiny, then I don't worry about it.

    And I only worry about fibre if I am eating carbs. Some days are almost zero carbs in which case I ignore fibre completely.