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Has any of you doing keto noticed a dramatic reduction in heartburn? If so, can anyone explain the science? Before going keto, I could look at a glass of water and get heartburn. I was constantly eating Tums and absolutely had to avoid spicy food. Now, the heartburn is totally non-existent and I can eat all the spicy food I want with no issues. I guess its just another surprise benefit of the keto woe.


  • pendennis
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    Pre-Keto I would get heartburn when I would ingest sugar heavy foods or carbs which would quickly turn to sugar. It didn't matter what the food was but if it had sugar I would likely get heartburn. I would be the one who would check to see if I had Tums prior to eating anything sugary because I knew what was coming. (Talk about a signal to stop eating sugar!)

    So when I stopped the sugar and started Keto I can say I almost instantly changed and have not had heartburn since the first day. ;):p
  • tcunbeliever
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    I would expect at least some of the drop in heartburn is the smaller volume of food as fat is more calorie dense than carbs.

    Also, anything with yeast is probably going to cause fermentation and bloating in the stomach, which puts a lot of pressure on that whole digestive system.