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Roll Call Saturday May 19, 2018

cakeman21k Posts: 6,067 Member
Many of us feel the need to remain connected by just signing in on a daily basis. We may have a lot to say or very little. We may say smart things or dumb things. It doesn't matter if we're having a good day, a bad day...or something in between. We'll post our thoughts, our successes, our challenges, our insights (or lack thereof), and our support. We're here for each other. Together, we can do this!

This isn't about's about perseverance: to persist in an undertaking in spite of counter influences, opposition, or discouragement.

Onward and Downward. Everyone is welcome! If you're new to this message board, check out

Remember that at its core, weight loss is simple - eat a little less than you used to, eat a little healthier, be a bit more active. The rest is just finding the balance that works for you, and your friends on GoaD are here to share what's worked for them.