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Recipes: Favorite Keto Breakfasts

CaitMinusWeightCaitMinusWeight Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member
What are some of your favorite Keto breakfasts? Please share! Also, I'd you could provide a general Carb, Protein, Fat count per serving, that would be amazing, but not required in order to share. Thanks!
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  • lacerka963lacerka963 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    hard boiled eggs... keto coffee but heavy cream.... coconut oil seems to trigger my ibs
  • teresamwhiteteresamwhite Member Posts: 947 Member Member Posts: 947 Member
    I pretty much only eat breakfast on the weekends, but my current favorite:

    Fry 1.5" inch piece of chorizo in a medium high skillet. Once it is rendered, add two well blended eggs and scramble til its as done as you like it. Stir in about 1/4c of mozzarella cheese, and slide onto a plate. Top with 1/2 a medium avocado, and sprinkle on some salt, pepper, and red chili flakes.

    Calories: 469
    Carbs: 10g
    Fiber: 5g
    Net Carbs: 5g
    Fat: 37g
    Protein: 28g

    Add to that an iced chai latte, and I am a very happy girl!

    Put 8 chai teabags and 1 cinnamon stick into a 1/2 gallon pitcher. Pour 1 quart of boiling water over the teabags and let them steep for 4 hours or until the water cools to room temperature. Remove the teabags and cinnamon stick. Top the pitcher with cold water.

    When you're ready for a latte, pour 2oz heavy whipping cream into a glass with ice, then pour in 2oz SF syrup (I like vanilla almond), then top with cold tea. Stir and enjoy! This is typically what I have instead of a bullerproof cofffee.
  • rsclausersclause Member Posts: 3,124 Member Member Posts: 3,124 Member
    I will typically have two eggs scrambled with heavy whipping cream, butter, one bacon, one sausage patty, shredded cheddar cheese and MCT oil in my coffee. 0g carb 679 cal
  • ClaudiaDawn2ClaudiaDawn2 Member, Premium Posts: 96 Member Member, Premium Posts: 96 Member
    I like to make crustless cheese quiche in a 9x9 pan to eat all week. I throw in either ham or sausage with onion and red and/or green pepper.

    Another quickie is 2 Jimmy Dean turkey sausage patties with a slice of cheddar cheese on top of each, cooked in the microwave until the cheese is melted.
  • alevbrantalevbrant Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    1 cup kale, 1 scrambled egg, 1 C riced cauliflower, sausage link or bacon. Kale and Cauli give it some carbs but I think the fiber is important as well as the nutrition from the veggies. I'm still able to keep my carbs between 30 -50g/day.
  • sandyskw1967sandyskw1967 Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    2 scrambled eggs with 1 pillers pepperoni stick,cut pepperoni stick into thin slices and fry first,add eggs after and scramble. 1 carb,250 calories
  • beevee910beevee910 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    I’m a simple girl. Ham, eggs and cheese!!! I haven’t yet to try bulletproof coffee.
  • CarolynRSBCarolynRSB Member Posts: 84 Member Member Posts: 84 Member
    Big plate of scrambled eggs topped with Greek yogurt and hot sauce.
  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Member, Premium Posts: 429 Member Member, Premium Posts: 429 Member
    Cold black coffee. Fat adaptation is fantastic. Getting old and needing the coffee stims isn't.
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