New rules of lifting for women

sadinplaid Posts: 140 Member
Hi all! It's been a while since I posted in MFP but I just started New Rules of Lifting for Women yesterday and am interested in connecting with others who are/have done it for tips/tricks/support. I started this program once before in college but didn't follow through. This time I'm committed, and I have the access to a gym to complete all of the workouts.

With day 1 down, I am SORE ALL OVER! :smiley:
My goal is to do the New Rules program 3 times a week and to walk or do yoga 2 of the in-between days.

Anyone else doing this program?


  • robinmork
    robinmork Posts: 9 Member
    I just ordered the book, so I will be starting once it arrives! Never tried it before, but definitely interested in comparing notes as I do.
  • carolemaryrosslaura
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    I just ordered the book. I don't have access to a gym. Is it possible to follow the program at home? If so, what type of equipment will I need?
  • krupickak
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    I use my Total Gym at home. Love it. I also have real weights to and I use the Body Beast video.
  • wutaday1
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    I have been considering starting it too! I will order the book tonight. Hopefully have by Monday and can start then. Feel free to add me as a friend. We can keep each other motivated
  • warriorboy
    warriorboy Posts: 2 Member
    I followed this book a few years ago and (after a hiatus from lifting) pulled it out again this week. It makes me want to start up again.
  • whmscll
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    I just started using this program. I cannot do it exactly as outlined so have modified it. (I am 59 and have back issues). The prone jackknife is out; I can’t do it without back pain. I’m doing simple planks instead to build ab strength. The Olympic barbell in the squat rack is too heavy for me (45 pounds), so I am squatting in the Smith machine to start (25 pound empty bar) and deadlifting with a 28-pound EZ curl bar placed on plates so the bar is the appropriate height from the floor. I’ve also added the barbell row because it is helping me strengthen my back muscles (I use the EZ curl bar).

    By the way, I urge you to Google videos on deadlifting to augment what’s in the book. The book simply says “load an Olympic barbell and set it on the floor.” What it does NOT say is that if you need to use the bar empty or can only lift it with small plates, you will be bending over too much and risking your back. The deadlift assumes you are starting with 25 pound plates (a total of 95 pounds). If you can’t start with that much weight and are using smaller plates, you need to place your bar in the bottom rack of the squat rack or on plates stacked on the floor so that it is at about the same starting height as when using 25-pound plates (about 7-8 inches off the floor).