Get Dat Rear in Gear July, Week 1: (7/1-7/7)

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This month's challenge is brought to us by a brilliant idea from @Cadori

It's not summer for some of us. It's winter in the southern part of the globe. Whatever the season, the month of July is as good a month as any to endeavor to challenge ourselves to stretch our goals, to push ourselves a little farther or harder, because we know, if we want to, we can do anything.

Some of us have been plugging along and maybe have slowed down their effort a little. Some of us have paused to blink and noticed "Dang! 6 months are gone already, and I'm still spinning my wheels not getting it done. :weary: "
No problem. It's Get Dat Rear in Gear July. Off yer duff, me hearties! It's go time.


Whether it be revamping our on-going plan or finally spurring ourselves to get off our rear and start, let's challenge ourselves to improve our efforts. As long as it represents an improvement for you and your health/fitness, your goal is perfect for this month. Buckle down on plan basics? Push a little harder in workouts? Branch out and try a new kind of exercise? Stepping up lagging NEAT? Or just plain BEGIN? It's all fair game.

I've posted a few days early, as I'll be gone over the 1st of the month, feel free at anytime to go ahead and post your goals on this thread. As always, I'll have links to each week's thread in the sticky post at the top of the Group should things get nuts, and it get knocked off the front page.

Get dat rear in gear, y'all, and see how far you can go! I think you'll surprise yourself. :wink:


  • 23rochelle23
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    Just what I needed for this month :-)

    1. Increase NEAT - I’ve got to work out the specifics of this one but I might give myself a walk with the dog and 2 chores each day to make this happen
    2. Gym 24 times
    3. Macros in range
    4. Calories in range

  • need2move2
    need2move2 Posts: 124 Member
    Agreed where did those 6 months go!

    My goals:
    Move.. simple... move at least 4 times a week.
    starting a walk/ run program
    Will log my miles weekly :smile:

    July 6:
    July 13:
    July 20:
    July 27:

    July Goal: 30 miles
  • Cadori
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    Woohoo!!! You know I’m in! I’ll have to think about what that means over the weekend.
  • 23rochelle23
    23rochelle23 Posts: 269 Member
    Ive just bought a fitness tracker I can wear at work (around my neck) which should help with getting more NEAT and also it tracks sleep etc which is also very good for me as I frequently undersleep
  • HestiaMoon1
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    I’m in.
    I’ll do BURPEES!!!!
    (I hate burpees)
  • PaulaKro
    PaulaKro Posts: 5,637 Member
    I'm in! Need to re-establish good practices and lose fat, not muscle!!
    1. Walk 1-3 miles 2-3 times each week
    2. Workout with body-weights and dumbbells 3-4 times each week
    3. Do isometrics 3-5 times each week to strengthen back muscles & prevent future sciatica
    4. Get four pounds closer to goal weight
    5. Understand the difference between losing fat and losing muscle
    6. Improve balance
    @HestiaMoon1 I hate burpees too and am a contrite founding member of the "100,000/each times zero burpees" club.
  • macchiatto
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    I need this for sure! I've had a harder time fitting in regular exercise (beyond a decent amount of walks and some hikes) since I started working more in September. Let me think what good goals would be (going to try to make them realistic so I don't just keep giving up :P )

    1. Exercise at least 30 mins at least 3x/wk
    2. Strength at least 10 mins 2x/wk (gotta start somewhere!)
    3. Weigh in at least once a week
    4. Log food or at least carbs at least 5 days/week.
    5. Go to bed by 11 on weeknights. (Sleep is so important for health and I really struggle with staying up too late!)

    I would love to get back to goal range by the end of summer. Not quite 10 lbs to go.
  • PaulaKro
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    macchiatto wrote: »
    2. Strength at least 10 mins 2x/wk (gotta start somewhere!)
    @macchiatto - I'll probably start with 10 minute workouts, too. I'm more likely to do it when it just feels like "oh, this'll just take a couple minutes." And doing a short workout is way better than nothing. Besides it gradually gets addictive and easier to do (even fun). Ten minutes are a great way to get back into the groove.

  • jrmie333
    jrmie333 Posts: 149 Member
    More yoga for me. At least 5 mns everyday.
  • taylok23
    taylok23 Posts: 798 Member
    I’ll still be focused on listening to my hunger signals to avoid mindless, after dinner snacking. I’ll also try to increase NEAT throughout the week.
  • keeleyTn
    keeleyTn Posts: 1 Member
    New to group, what does NEAT stand for?

    I have been pondering and changing some aspects of my diet and exercise lifestyle. This month of July I will:

    1. Plan & track all intake
    2. Goal 5000 steps daily
  • need2move2
    need2move2 Posts: 124 Member
    I am adding 30 day squat challenge to my list :):)
  • nita506
    nita506 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm new, what does Neat mean? My goal for the month is

    1. Start moving, at least 8000 steps a day
    2. No food after 7:00pm
    3. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
  • 23rochelle23
    23rochelle23 Posts: 269 Member
    My plan for today
    6.30 wake up after 7 hrs sleep
    7.15 leave for work
    4pm finish work (we get about 4x 8hr shifts in the rota every six months rather than 12 and this was one of them!)
    4.15-6pm gym
    Evening: dinner, cooking for 6 am start tomorrow etc

    How today went

    About 1.5 hrs sleep
    Awake from 4ish
    Breakfast :+1:
    7.15 leave for work :+1:
    5.30pm finish work having not had a break (so no meal since 7am due to how busy we were)
    6pm - flagged the gym and went home to eat because between the lack of food and sleep i was wrecked

    .... so let’s try that again tomorrow

    Plan for tomorrow/next three days
    Sleeeeeep before work
    5.00 wake up
    5.45 leave for work
    6.30 -18.30 shift
    Eat two meals at work (take one that doesn’t require heating unlike today where I had just one that required heating which screwed me since we didn’t get a meal break - otherwise I can usually stuff my face while crew partner drives)
    Gym after work (depending on finish time but hopefully home by 9pm)
    Home for snack and make food for following day
    Bed in time for 6-7 hours sleep (all things going to plan)
  • PaulaKro
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    Hi @keeleytn & @nita506

    NEAT is normal activity, fidgeting, walking from room to room, playing with the kids, stuff like that - anything which is not a deliberately planned exercise:

    "Simply moving more and sitting less can boost your health because of the calorie burning called NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis."
  • FrankieandSpots
    FrankieandSpots Posts: 446 Member
    1. Get 1hr activity every single day
    2. Strength training every 3rd day (at least)
    3. Weigh in and take photos around the 14th and the 30th.
    4. Lights out by 10pm 6 days/week

    My strength training consistency and getting to bed on time are both difficult for me at the moment

    Activity: 1/1 (Goal 31/31)
    Strength: 1/1 (trained on the 1st) (Goal 11/31)
    Weigh ins: 0/0 (Goal 2/2)
    Dark by 10pm: 0/1 (Goal 26/31)
  • tayusuki
    tayusuki Posts: 194 Member
    I've been pretty shaky for about 2 months and I'm frustrated with myself.

    1. Stay within calorie goal, save for a few times (events) this month. i.e. don't eat a whole pizza.
    2. Workout 5/7 days a week. I do Pilates and have a fitness calendar I can check off, so it shouldn't be too awful.
    3. Widdle down to 150! Ultimate end goal for the month.
    4. Stop ordering food that pushes me over calories at work. This is a big downfall for me. If I want something it should be planned for.
  • HestiaMoon1
    HestiaMoon1 Posts: 278 Member
    Got in 3 x 5 Burpees for total of 15 today.
  • HestiaMoon1
    HestiaMoon1 Posts: 278 Member
    Recalculated macros thru Perfect Keto and pre-entered food for the day. Almost stuck to it - had one more shot of Tequila than planned!
  • CrispyStars3
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    I am 30 days in... (even though it shows I've only logged 22 days).

    1. Continue to weigh/log all foods daily
    2. Increase exercise (work on those push-ups, squats, and lunges)
    3. Explore new recipes
    4. Remember to take photos and measurements of my progress