Cocktails on Keto

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Anybody else doing keto and enjoying cocktails also? I love my vodka on the rocks, about 2 per night, but I think it really slows down the weight loss. Can a person drink and be successful at losing weight?


  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    Sure you can, but remember, even though Vodka is a Keto-friendly alcohol, you still need to take in to consideration all of the added calories on top of what you've already eaten that day. I drink Vodka Rocks, but one is probably 3-4oz of vodka which is over 200 calories. Per drink.
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    Loosing weight is all about a caloric deficit. Keto is not a magic pill that allows us to eat like crazy. :-) Are you logging your caloric intake (or, maybe better stated, tracking)?
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    Additionally, remember that the body will stop burning fat, even in a fast, if you add alcohol. The body knows alcohol is a poison, and will stop everything to metabolize it. So yes, you'll slow down your weight loss, specifically fat loss. Each person is different as to how much they can drink and still lose.

    Some people have to stop drinking. Some people have to change alcohol of choice. Some people have to restrict quantity at a time. Some people have to reduce to one day a week to drink. Regardless, make sure to keep up electrolytes, get plenty of fluids...
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    It doesn’t work for me... mainly because I drink a few too many and then get hungry and find it really hard if I’m feeling a bit jaded the following day - but lots of people seem to do it successfully - I’ve pretty much eliminated alcohol (drank when I was away a few weeks ago but not since or for weeks before) but will continue to drink for special occasions and holidays etc
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    I had a skinny B!t€h (vodka and club soda) and I could not finish it. Half way thru I started to feel the alcohol just like if I have been doing shots all night. I guess it’s good news to my pocket. Makes my nights out a lot cheaper.
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    I have found that I must reduce quantity dramatically. We've been on a Keto diet for almost 3 weeks and I had pretty much avoided alcohol until July 4. I had a few Bourbons on the rocks while watching fireworks and it went straight to my brain...and then the 5th of July came. I had the worst carb cravings, upset stomach and headache. I had much less alcohol than I would normally have on a celebratory night, but I sure felt the pain.
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    TBH, I imbibe a few nights a week. I do about 2-3 oz of vodka on the rocks, and yes, I track it to make sure it stays within my calories. I will occasionally indulge in a glass of wine if I can fit the carbs in. But that's more rare then Grey Goose.

    I've not experienced any hangovers, but like I said, I drink just a couple of ounces at a time, and I hydrate after and as soon as I wake up. And I haven't seen it completely stall my body's weight loss yet.

    Sundays are mine and my husband's normal day off together, and on those days, I usually make us mixed drinks using 'skinny' recipes I find online. Like the keto version of a Mint Mojito. Going to try a skinny margarita recipe I found next.

    It's doable, as long as you're accountable. And everybody's body is different, so what works for me, may not for you or for the next guy. Good luck, and keto on!
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    I used to drink a few drinks at a time, a few times per week. I can't do it anymore - keto has made me super sensitive to alcohol! If I have 2 drinks, I'm drunk! It's quite comical how little I can drink now.

    Your body metabolizes fuel in a very specific order:

    1- alcohol
    2- sugar
    3- fat

    So, if you put alcohol or sugar in your body, you have to burn it off before your body can get down to the business of burning fat.

    If I do drink, I like to dance... in order to burn it off and get back to fat burning faster :)
  • KristinLeeD
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    I too, am very sensitive to alcohol now. Strangely, wine is the worst. But I can handle whiskey better :)
    I have not found that it stalls weight loss as long as I am super careful to stay at a calorie deficit even with the alcohol and as long as I am able to still make good food choices when drinking.
    Everyone is different though - some people it completely stalls them. Not sure how much of that is just because every body is different, or everyone's diet and activity level is different, time of day you drink.... - probably all of the above!
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    Been drinking vodka and bourbon since doing keto and even a little beer; has not stalled progress at all. If you can drink without snacking you are gold!
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    I had to give up my daily beer after dinner but still have my two scotch on the rocks and wine with dinner. I am staring to dial back both because I feel it more and you know weight loss too. I just don't crave it the same now which is a good thing.