Any thoughts on the 12th Dr?

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Has anyone seen any of Peter Capaldi's work? Do you think he'll make a good doctor?


  • BJPCraig
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    Only thing I recall seeing him in was "Torchwood: Children of Earth." It was a VERY different part, but he seemed to be a heck of a good actor. I think his doctor will be a bit more sedate and less manic than we've had since the reboot, and I think that might be a refreshing change. Not that I've had a problem with ANY of the past 3, but The Doctor has historically been all over the map, personalitywise, so I'd like to see something other than the two-fisted adventurer with a sense of humor that we got (to one degree or another) in the last incarnations.

    And, to be honest, I had SERIOUS reservations about Matt Smith when he came on board, and was glad he proved me wrong. So I think it's hard to say who'll make a "good" Doctor; too much depends on how the new actor & writers envision the character. But I have high hopes!
  • toutmonpossible
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    I saw him most recently in "The Hour." He was quite moving as a 1960s-era BBC News editor who appears to suffer from some kind of compulsive disorder. Later I recalled that he was in an earlier Doctor Who episode ("The Fires of Pompeii"*) and in the film "Local Hero."

    I've only watched the post-boot episodes. Although I love David Tennant, I love the Matt Smith era best because of his performance and his cohort of Amy, Rory, and of course, River Song.

    *I read yesterday that the names of the characters in that episode refer to the characters in a commonly used Latin texbook in Great Britain.