Looking for active posters :)

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I am a 42 year old single mom (widow) with a 5 year old whose wit often surpasses mine. I'd like to get out into the dating world again, but not before I lose some weight :)

I find that I really gain a lot from interacting with others on their posts. I love to comment, and I love getting comments! It's really motivating and engaging. But most of the people in my friends list are either not logging in consistently, or they don't post at all.

If you are an active poster, would you mind adding me? I'd love to engage with you separate from these topic - specific groups.



  • nusipiuk
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    I find strength and motivation from others! Would love to engage in posts for support with weight loss, healthy eating etc.
  • FibroHiker
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    I thought I would be posting more once I added some friends but find I keep saying the same thing over and over with little difference day to day. I've started to post less and work more with the logging.