Introductions, Starting Weights, & Stats!

Ashjvb Posts: 14 Member
Hi everyone.
My name is Ashley
I'm 26 years old and a mom of 2 young boys.
I'm 5'6 and weighed in at 181.5 this morning.

So my goal for September 1st is to be 171.5.
My ultimate goal I set for myself last year is to get to 160 lbs.

Since June of last year iv lost a total of 54 lbs.
My lowest weight iv gotten to was 169 at the end of may. But then fell off track and am back to where I am now. So thanks for the opportunity to join a group to keep myself accountable. Hopefully we can all offer eachother support over the course of the next month 😁


  • ankitadwivedi
    ankitadwivedi Posts: 13 Member
    Hi all!
    Thank you for joining this. I have struggled with my weight and associated self esteem for a very long time. I lost 14 pounds, it took me 1 year! But I gained it back. My knees are week and I have hypothyroidism. It feels hopeless but I’m not hopeless so here is starting again!

    My total weight loss goal is 30 pounds. Here I wish, with you as companions to loose 10 pounds by September 1st. If I achieve this it will be my very best and it will make me very happy and proud.

    My very best to all of us.
  • skirk1187
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    Hi guys, sorry I'm late to the party, was without WIFI and couldn't log for a couple days! I weigh in on a Sunday morning so on 29th I was 207lbs. Looking to be 197 on 1st September (I'll weigh in a day early)!

    When I started this journey on 8th July I weighed in at 212, over all I'm looking to get down to 140lbs which is the top end of the healthy weight range for my height, and then I'll see how I feel after that :) xx
  • mskittyface
    mskittyface Posts: 2 Member

    I'm super late but want to join in for the motivation and accountability. I am 5'10 and weighed in on July 31 at 226.

    I'm down about 10lbs in July and hoping to get another 10 in Sept. Off to a rocky start with a work conference, but I'm still here and ready to go. Not going to let a small set back ruin a month!
    USCBMOM22 Posts: 31 Member
    Hi all! Hope it is ok to join in a little late. I was hoping to lose 10 by Labor Day, so this is a perfect challenge to keep me motivated. I am a stress eater and I have had my share lately. I have managed to pack on over 12 pounds in the past year and I already was trying to lose 10 or so before that. I weighed in yesterday at 167 lbs. The last time I weighed that much I was pregnant with my youngest daughter 18 years ago :'(

    I know I can do this as I have done it before. Looking forward to seeing everyone's success.