Week 4 Weigh In - October 22



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    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:189.8
    Challenge Goal Weight:175

    Weigh in #1: 186.6
    Weigh in #2: 186.4
    Weigh in #3: 190.4
    Weigh in#4: 192.6

    I had the break through migraine from hell. I'm on my 5th day of aggressive prednisone treatments and it's making me nuts. Hungry all the time. Thirsty all the time. I am back to my deficit this week, but the struggle is real with these meds! It's all good, my mindset is ok, just the physical stuff has been a nightmare this week.

    So sorry you are going through that! I used to get migraines but don’t anymore. Is there anything you vvpcan take while on the prednisone? Feel better soon!

    I am at the mercy of my doc and my meds! Thanks for the well wishes!
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    arameni wrote: »
    Challenge Start Weight: 142.3 lbs
    Challenge Goal: 135.0 lbs

    Week 1: 139.3 lbs
    Week 2: 140.5 lbs
    Week 3: 142.4 lbs
    Week 4: 141.1 lbs

    I honesty had a horrible weekend that blurred my week. My birthday is one month from today and I’m feeling so down. So many things I wanted to have accomplished by now....first it was by 25, then by marriage, then it was after I get my real job, then after I have my first child, surely when I turn 35....and I can go on and on and on....all those dates have came and gone.

    My life has changed so quickly in such a short amount of time. In the last 6/7 years I’ve had 4 jobs, I’ve moved (to different cities) 3 times, I’ve gotten married and I’ve had 3 children and I’ve been out of work twice for over a years time each.

    Something did come to my thoughts on Saturday though. I am home with my children on the weekends. They cannot be ignored. I literally realized that on Saturday. Lol! They go to school during the week and so between the hours of 8-4 I am without them. If I focus on doing everything I want to get done during this time (working out, cooking, errands, preparing for class, cleaning) my stress level may decrease when I have them in the evenings during the week and on the weekends.

    I also realized too. If I’m truly tired of buying pull-ups then I need to step it up and potty train them (the girls) and get involved with their teacher and ask everyday what is their progress.

    I know we all have the same 24 hours so it is pointless to use the phrase “I don’t have time” so Sunday I mapped out my schedule for the week and will see where I am wasting time and how I can improve my quality of life.

    I honestly need to go ahead and fill out my home loan application and start looking for full time employment...if that’s what I truly want (you know sometimes we want things and get them and will still complain). Go figure!..us humans. We are so complex.

    Anyway, thanks ladies for listening. I told a certain someone on Sunday that I just want to go lay in the bed and cry and he looked at me and literally said “for what?”....and I was thinking....don’t we live in the same house with the same kids and have the same life????? :-O

    Last night I was able to wash all the dishes, help my son with his homework, do the girls’ hair and workout and I had two good class periods and I was in the bed for 9. This morning I made it to the gym and 5:05 for some cardio and class in getting ready to start in a bit.

    I’m going to take this thing called life day by day. Yes I have a lot of responsibilities (some I asked for and some I didn’t) but I know the one who gave me this life knows I can handle it, each and every aspect of it, and I truly believe that.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Wow, it sounds like you've made some proactive decisions! I can definitely relate to moving self-imposed deadlines. Lol I wanted to be 125 lbs and be engaged by the time I graduated college, then when I did grad school, etc.

    Now I'm an extra single working woman with a dog (who I love and am about to walk even though it's night and rainy. Note to self: next house/apartment needs to have yard or community dog park) and actually quite happy despite my current allergic mess of a self. Don't even get me started on my student loan repayment plan.

    Thanks for the well-wishes and positivity, btw!

    And good luck with the potty training! Are your kiddos twins?

    Either way, it's awesome that you are reframing your perspective and making sticking to your plans more doable! Keep it up, and things will be looking better every day!

    125 is my ideal weight. Who knows if I’ll ever get there.

    Yes I have twins! Lol! How that happened I don’t know.

    Did someone say student loans??? Lol