Net Carb Question

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Here's a question for the nutritionists out there: If I have a meal that has "higher" carbs (i.e. say 45 g carbs), can I consume a fiber supplement to help offset the higher carb meal? Kinda like applying the "net carb" rule?


  • ccrdragon
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    Short answer - no.

    The reason that net carbs are used is because some of the carbs in plants are composed of fiber and cannot be digested so they contribute no energy to the body. Adding fiber later or from another source does not replace the carbs that did supply energy - the added fiber simply becomes something else that that the body needs to eliminate.
  • tcunbeliever
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    Fiber is a carb, you can't have a net negative just by adding fiber.

    If you eat a 45g carb meal (assume 0g fiber), then consume a 20g fiber supplement, your total carbs is now 65g, and 20g of it is fiber...your net carbs remains unchanged.
  • AnointedBlue
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    Think of this way Net Carbs are a combination of Carbs and Fiber. Normally Nutritionist will promote for us to consume plenty of Leafy green fiberous Veggies as they are safe and healthy for our Gut health over all. So for those Net Carbs you won't have to worry about since those Green veggies are low in the carbs over all but the other hidden and processed foods net carbs are the ones you should be cautious about. So basically be smart of what you are putting into your body is all. Fiberous Leafy Green are good, Corn-starchy and fruit Cakes are not. I hope you find this Helpful along your Journey friend ~ Now let's Get it!