TEAM: Gutbusters (December)

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Welcome to the Challenge new and returning teammates!! This is the conversation/weigh in thread for your Team :) Keep on losing because our first weigh ins begin THIS Sunday! I am here for you should you need anything - simply message me or tag me by putting an '@' just before my username (NO SPACES) and I will get to you asap! ~ Ashley @AB0215 or Craig @craigo3154 .


  • murielkoopman
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    My name is Muriel, i am from South Africa, love weight lifting...its still new to me and i struggle a lot with my diet....This will be my first challenge....
  • grebber1
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    Hi I'm Steve from Ohio. Been doing a few challenges already with great success. Well, the past couple weeks have been a challenge LOL. Looking forward to another challenge through the holidays to help keep me on track
  • pgb3050
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    Sounds like you have a solid plan and that’s the first step to success!
  • kkmark
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    Hi guys excited to be here had second babay 3 months ago want to loose and get back to prepregnAncy weight
  • LesIckaBod
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    Happy Friday, December Gutbusters! We'll begin posting December weigh-ins starting on Sunday. For those of you who are new to the group, here are some weigh-in FAQs:
    • When do I post my weigh-in?
      Post on your "scheduled weigh-in day". So, if you posted a weight in the New Member Registration thread on a Tuesday, then your scheduled weigh-in day will be each Tuesday of the month. You can also check the December spreadsheet to see what your scheduled weigh-in day is.
    • Why is Week 1 beginning on Sunday? Haven't we been already posted our starting weights?
      Think of it like a first birthday. You're born, then you have to live a whole year before you can celebrate being 1. In this challenge, you post a starting weight, then you have a whole week to work on weight loss before you post your Week 1 weigh-in.
    • How do I post my weigh-in?
      Your posts should look like this:
      Week: November Week 1
      PW: Previous Weight in lbs
      CW: Current Weight in lbs
    • What's my previous weight?
      If you're new, your Week 1 previous weight is whatever weight you posted in the New Member Registration thread, or check out the current spreadsheet to see what your posted info says. If you're returning, your Week 1 previous weight is whatever your weight was in the last week of the previous month.
    • I'm still confused. Who can help me?
      Just ask a question here and tag me, or PM me and I'll do my best to get back as soon as possible.
  • TomatoeLady
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    Hi there TomaoteLady here, second month with this group :) I'm not much of a poster, but I like reading everybody else's <3 I feel like December may be a little trickier with all the baking and what not around, but I have a goal and I can see it on the horizon. Good luck to everybody have a fantastic month.

    weigh in day Friday
    Starting weight 161
  • 12Sarah2015
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    Hey! I'm from VA. I'm a stay at home mom. This is my 1st challenge with this group. I miss going to the gym. I used to go a lot years ago but I'd go through periods of where I'd go nonstop for months then quit going. I miss going to Zumba class at the gym. So, when I have the extra $, thinking some dvds may fill my void. I've been at a high weight ever since I was a kid. I'm excited to give this an early start & keep it going into the new year. I don't have much social support at home, which is why I'm here.

    I'm doing aerobics of YouTube this month. Maybe we can swap favourites?
  • 12Sarah2015
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    Mum to two toddlers. Have just a few kg/pounds to lose (less than 3kg). Average weight but usually weigh a bit less. Need to lose inches around stomach. Plan to do aerobics this month.
  • fe452436
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    I am Farah.I have two children.This year 2018 was not good for me.First I got my finger cut in blender while preparing baby’s food.A month later I got extreme stiffness in my back and diagnosed with herniated disk.And EGD and colonoscopy this month.Hence those days when I am good with back issues I exercise.Limiting carbohydrates whenever I can.Started eating dinner early.Start with 5 minutes in exercise and then continue for another 5 minutes and do it whenever I remember again.Hope we make improvement this month.
  • sabrina32576
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    Hey. I’m sabrina, 42 and live in Maryland. Rejoined MyFitnessPal after a few years away but I’m ready to get back to it. I want to be healthier. My first grandchild is arriving this summer and I want to be healthy for them too.
  • dommylifts
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    I am very excited for December’s challenge! My goal is to reach 143 by December 31st. I am currently 148. My November history shows I can lose 2-3 pounds a week as I went from 158-159 to 148 over the course of November’s challenge. I’m hoping to slow it down a bit but still maintain my new habit of weighing and tracking all of my food. It’s made a huge difference in my success.
  • dommylifts
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    @LesickaBod So, if my weigh in day is Monday, do I post this Monday or next Monday? I'm still kind of confused OR is this Monday like starting weight & then the following Monday, 1 week's worth of weight loss?

    I am also wondering this as my weigh in days are Sunday. I believe I am weighing in tomorrow.

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