The Biggest Loser Monthly Challenge!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO JANUARY'S GRAND CHAMPION AND BIGGEST LOSER @dheliason. with total weight loss of 6.70% AND THE VICTORIOUS BIGGEST LOSER TEAM, THE BELLY FLATS with a 1.63% loss for the month! Total weight loss for DECEMBER challenge over ALL teams was 49.3 lbs!!

What began in April of 2016 as a small group of like minded individuals ready to shed weight has morphed into both a weight loss challenge and a safe place for motivation and support. Each month we continue to grow steadily in membership and participation. We do this by continuously creating an atmosphere of healthy competition and honest caring. It is just this kind of team spirit that keeps our challengers coming back month after month.

We keep it simple and easy to participate.
  • Members are split into teams.
  • Each team has it's own discussion board where you can help motivate each other and where you can post about goals, struggles and successes.
  • Team Discussion boards are also where you will be entering your weekly weigh ins. (See "Weigh-Ins" below)
  • Your team will have a volunteer captain who is there to assist you and engage you in the discussion - the more you participate the better your team AND YOU will do each week!

Our Team Names are as playful as we are ;) :

1) The Big Butt Theory
2) The Slimsons
3) Belly Flats

Awards you ask? Yup! We have those each week. Then, at the end of the month for the Grand Finale.

  • The Biggest Loser Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • The Biggest Loser Member on Each Team (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • The Biggest Loser Individual Overall (1st, 2nd 3rd)
  • The most pounds lost (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

January Information

The JANUARY spreadsheet is final, view you and your competitors' results.



Week 1 Winners Posted - By Tue, Jan 10
Week 2 Winners Posted - By Tue, Jan 17
Week 3 Winners Posted - By Tue, Jan 24
Week 4 Winners Posted - By Tue, Jan 31

February Information

The February spreadsheet is current, view you and your competitors' progress.



Week 1 Winners Posted - By Tue, Feb 14
Week 2 Winners Posted - By Tue, Feb 21
Week 3 Winners Posted - By Tue, Feb 27
Week 4 Winners Posted - By Tue, Mar 7


Each week you weigh in on your chosen weigh in day via your team discussion board. Easy Peasy! Your chosen day is listed beside your name on the spreadsheet and your captain will be looking for your post that day so she/he can enter your weight onto the spreadsheet. Something pops up and you are unable to weigh in on your day? Simply let your captain know PRIOR to the week's close. Weeks begin on Sunday and run until the following Saturday.

How do you post your weigh in? With the following format:

Username: (Your MFP username)
Weigh in week: (The week you are entering your weight for ex. Apr. Week 2)
Weigh in day: (The day you weigh in each week. Sat-Fri)
Previous Week's weight:
Todays Weight: (your weight on your weigh in day)

Weigh-ins close at 11:59 pm EST on Saturdays. Should you miss the deadline your weight will be marked as a zero loss. Challengers who miss two consecutive weigh ins are disqualified for the remainder of the month. :/ Please be respectful of your team - they are counting on your contribution to the team's success.


Moderator: @Craigo3154. (Craig), @AB0215. (Ashley) @Krysless2. (Krystal)
Team Captains: @AB0215. @Keepingtrack1234. @cmhubbard92. @Augos. @annabananamc. @Krysless2.
Owner: Serendipity0913Leaders: Serendipity0913Created on April 20, 20162057 membersPrivacy: Public



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