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From 233 lbs. to 185 (and counting) and medication free!

JeffEmmerson1976JeffEmmerson1976 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
Hi everyone! I'm Jeff and I started on 2 meals a day with strick keto and intermittent fasting, and have evolved into OMAD with slow carbs brought back in (about 120 per day). I feel better and more balanced nutrition-wise with healthy carbs brought back in, and am leaning out still. Anyone else out there not afraid to eat good carbs with OMAD in a sensible approach?


  • Eddy_65Eddy_65 Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    Hey, congrats on the weight loss and ditching the meds.

    Food-wise, I just pretty much ate whatever I had around, at first, and didn't really count macros. I believe that your body is the best guide. Once it gets used to having only one shot at the table per day, it will eventually steer you towards foods that have a lot of bang for the buck, nutrition-wise.
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  • catuccifranco08catuccifranco08 Posts: 218Member Member Posts: 218Member Member
    Great job on your weight loss and kicking the meds
    I want to kick HUMIRA. Which meds did you kick?
  • SoulSisterSoulBrotherSoulSisterSoulBrother Posts: 212Member Member Posts: 212Member Member
    Hi, great news there. I am not afraid of carbs, I think there is no perfect diet, this hating on carbs is just a phase. Food is life we just need moderation.
  • arguablysamsonarguablysamson Posts: 1,587Member Member Posts: 1,587Member Member
    Excellent news! Good job!
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