Keto is saving my husband’s life

lalabank Posts: 1,009 Member
Ok so the title is a little dramatic but this is legit. My husband has a hereditary issue with his triglycerides, they have been over 1000 his entire adult life. At 38, his cholesterol was actually causing liver damage.
In August we both started Keto, I was already on my own weight loss journey but went Keto to support him.
Fast Forward roughly 100 days of Keto living. We just got back from my husband’s bi-annual physical. 50lbs gone and DRUM ROLL PLEASE.., his triglycerides are 61!!!!
No longer pre diabetic, all of his cholesterol numbers are normal and no signs of liver damaged.
Over the next six months we’re tweaking our macros to see if he can add in a few more carbs but he is Keto for life now. Legit if these numbers are consistent with the next round of bloodwork they are lowering his meds.
Bonus, I lost 27lbs and have become an aerobics junkie.
To quote his dr “in August you were at twice the normal risk for a heart attack, today you are at half the risk of an average American”