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I need help calculating my intake etc

night_watchernight_watcher Posts: 830Member Member Posts: 830Member Member
I'm 5,3 ft woman weighing 94 kgs at the moment. I have been dieting since 2011 but the weight always go back up. I have never lost more than 10 kgs and always gained it back and even more. I have been diagnosed with PCOS recently. Since May this year I have gotten down from 102 to 94. It's been one month that I have started consistent weight training 3 times a week and 1 day for cardio or aerobic exercises. I try to get cardio after weight sessions as well. But I am stuck at 94 kgs since past 1.5 months. I need your input to help me re-*kitten* what am I doing wrong. My calories intake is between 1700-2000 for past 1 week. Before that I was creating deficit of more than 1500 calories. As per Fitbit I burn 3000 to 3300 calories on gym days. And 2100-2400 otherwise. I walk 10k steps other than exercise daily as well.
I need to break this plateau. Can you please guide wether to up my carbs or protein


  • Soul_mateSoul_mate Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    1700-2000 is your net or gross intake.. (Net means reduce the calories burnt in exercise from intake) if you are able to measure intake and burnt calories correctly, there should not be any reason of not loosing wt with 1500 calories deficit. Calorie deficit of 1500 is quite handsome.. at your weight the safe deficit is max 1000 per day.

    So first of all its very necessary that you measure your calories intake and burnt correctly.
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