Ready to try this again

sun_cat Posts: 114 Member
Hi all, I tried IF a while back - well, twice. The first time it worked fairly well, the second time -- not so much. My life and by association, my schedule, recently underwent a significant change. I realized though the circumstances were unpleasant (reduced employment), and scary and all that - it meant I had more time to get in some exercise, and with greater control of my schedule, fit in some fasting.

Maybe third time is the charm!


  • lenkearney
    lenkearney Posts: 116 Member
    so how is it going?
  • annie5904
    annie5904 Posts: 85 Member
    I am back on it too. I have noticed that I am losing inches rather than pounds. This is normal for me as I am doing extra exercise like you.
    I hope it goes well and we both have good results