Lenpayasa Posts: 69 Member
I just got back on myfitnesspal after 4 years. It's 2019 and I am ready to get back into a paleo (at least 80/20) lifestyle when I was feeling a lot better. Anyone restarting?


  • annk18
    annk18 Posts: 85 Member
    I'm recommitting rather than restarting. Since I am traveling right now it is difficult but I will do a full commitment mid January when I'm home. I really feel so much better on paleo. I have started making a meal plan and shopping list for the first week home.
  • _aenyeweddien_
    _aenyeweddien_ Posts: 102 Member
    I'm not restarting but started recently as recommended by my Dr. It was extremely hard to make a transition (I was a vegetarian for years), but I'm starting to see and feel benefits