Weigh In Mon 28th Jan - Sun 3rd Feb

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  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    SW 208.6 lbs 2/10/18
    GW 150 lbs
    LW 191.4 lbs 01/14/19
    TW 191.4 lbs 01/28/19 (+/- 0)

    Total weight loss: -17.2

    I've been having a hard time getting back into the habit of logging. So, I'm going to try to make a conscious effort.

    I looked back at previous weights and I'm 10lbs up from my lowest back in September. I didn't stay at that weight for only a week or two but, going to do my best to get back there and stay a little longer.

    I have a physical this week so I'm curious to see how much weight I've lost since the last time I went to the doctor as I'm not sure my starting weight here was my highest.

  • koljandertjie68
    koljandertjie68 Posts: 24 Member
    SW 238 lbs
    LW 234 lbs
    TW 232 lbs
    GW 150 lbs
    OL 6 pounds

    Only 2 pounds this week. I'm a bit disappointed. But I am going to keep going. At least I am getting healthier and fitter :)
  • KristaCatherine87
    KristaCatherine87 Posts: 57 Member
    SW 238 lbs
    LW 234 lbs
    TW 232 lbs
    GW 150 lbs
    OL 6 pounds

    Only 2 pounds this week. I'm a bit disappointed. But I am going to keep going. At least I am getting healthier and fitter :)

    2 pounds is great!! :)
  • KristaCatherine87
    KristaCatherine87 Posts: 57 Member
    SW 324.8
    LW. 263.7
    TW 259.4. (-4.3 lbs)
    GW. 200 ish

    Total Weight Loss 65.4
  • amskinner87
    amskinner87 Posts: 163 Member
    SW: 201lb (01 Jan 19)
    GW: 140lb
    LW: 191lb
    CW: 192lb
    OL: 9lb

    I don't think I've really put on a lb from last week, just think the scales I was using were dodgy. But very sad that I've maintained as I've followed the calorie restriction this week and done lots of walking. Fingers crossed I see a difference next week. Feeling disappointed.
  • 4bugsmama
    4bugsmama Posts: 2,875 Member
    SW: 163 (01/10/18)
    SW: 144.5 (01/02/19)
    GW: 135
    LW: 140.2
    TW: 140.1
    OL: 4.4

    I am confident that the slllllooooowwww loss is due to all of the strength training I am doing; adding muscle. I will be taking measurements this weekend to confirm that I am losing inches. But, regardless, a loss is a loss <3 Have a great week all!
  • prehistoricmoongoddess
    prehistoricmoongoddess Posts: 1,003 Member
    SW: 170lb (28th Nov 2018)
    TW: 160.6lbs (29th Jan 2018)
    GW: 126lbs

    Total weight loss 9.4lb

    I usually weigh in on a Wednesday but I'm not at home. I weighed myself yesterday and despite some loss during the week it didn't last and I am back to last week's weight :/
  • rachelatlas1
    rachelatlas1 Posts: 64 Member
    SW:162 lb
    GW: 113 lb
    OL: -21.2 lbs

    I had ONE cheat meal of pizza last Friday (2slices) and by the time I got on the scale Monday it said I gained 4 lbs. so to weight in at only (+ .4oz from last week) by Thursday isn’t bad. I just can’t believe what 2 slices on pizza did for me. Very disappointing.
  • emma013
    emma013 Posts: 12 Member
    SW: 191.6
    GW: 145
    LW: 184.6
    TW: 184.2 (-0.4)
    OL: 7.4lbs

    After falling off the wagon last week, I tried really hard this past week and I was under my calorie goal 6/7 days. Unfortunately the scale didn't show what I thought it would, but that's ok I'm not gonna let it get me down!! I downloaded a weight trend app to give me some extra support when I need some.
  • _j4de_
    _j4de_ Posts: 48 Member
    SW 168.75
    GW 133.50
    LW 146.5
    TW 142.50

    Loss of 2.5lb

    Really pleased with this weeks loss :) had a terrible end to last week but really managed to turn it around. Great diet and a lot of exercise. Very nearly back at pre christmas weight :)

  • MegansMom2011
    MegansMom2011 Posts: 356 Member
    Y1 SW 194 lbs 2/12/17
    Y2 SW 179 lbs 1/4/18
    Y3 SW 150 lbs 1/1/19
    GW 125 lbs
    LW 146.8 lbs 1/25/19
    CW 148 lbs 2/1/19 (+1.2 lbs)

    Total weight loss: -46 lbs!

    Although I'm up from last week, I'm down 2lbs from Jan 1. I've been stuck inside all week due to the polar vortex here in Michigan, so I've been around ALL. THE. FOOD. Luckily, we have stopped buying junk food due to recent dental appts, so I didn't have that around. Glad to go back to work today where I'll be more limited in how much I can eat during the day.
  • Toria718
    Toria718 Posts: 396 Member
    Sw(high weight in 2014) 211
    Lw 197.2
    Cw 198.2 (+1)
    Gw 135
    Loss of 12.8
  • tonadayuu
    tonadayuu Posts: 58 Member
    SW: 70.4 kg/155.2 lbs (November 2018)
    GW: 55 kg/~121 lbs
    LW: 66 kg/145.5 lbs
    TW: 65.7 kg/144.8 lbs (-0.3 kg/-0.7 lbs)
    Overall Loss: 4.7 kg/10.4 lbs

    Thought I wasn't gonna see any loss this week because I ate A LOT on Wednesday and Thursday. But I still managed a small loss so yay? 😄
  • kellycz
    kellycz Posts: 57 Member
    SW: 146
    GW: 129
    LW: 140.4
    TW: 140.9
    Happy with my first month. 🙂
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,077 Member
    SW (1st Dec 2016): 255.7lbs
    SW (1st Dec 2018): 229.3lbs
    Weigh In Info
    LW: 230.6lbs (Trend)/231.0lbs (Actual)
    TW: 232.9lbs (Trend)/232.6lbs (Actual)
    Variance: +2.3lbs

    Overall Loss from 1/12/16: 22.8lbs

    Just back from a week's holiday in the Canary Islands, ate and drank without logging, didn't really snack or drink much though and meals were mostly protein and some salad. Walked a lot, swam a bit too.

    Will see where my weight lies on Wednesday when it's had a chance to settle from the flight/alcohol/etc.
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