Weigh In Mon 4th - Sun 10th Feb

Please check you are posting in the correct week.

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  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,077 Member
    If you're new to us, don't forget to check out the progress reports at the end of each month, which shows your reported weight variance and your progress from your start weight to goal (if you've included the info on your posts)...

  • KristaCatherine87
    KristaCatherine87 Posts: 57 Member
    Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
    Here my weekly weigh in :smiley:
    SW: 324.8
    LW: 259.4
    TW: 258.2 (-1.2)
    GW: 200
  • kellycz
    kellycz Posts: 57 Member
    Hi everyone! Thanks to tinkerbellang83 for creating the charts for January. Much appreciated.
    Pleased to have made it through my first month successfully. :smile:
    SW: 146
    GW: 129
    LW: 140.9
    TW: 140.4
  • koljandertjie68
    koljandertjie68 Posts: 24 Member
    SW 238 lbs
    LW 232 lbs
    TW 231 lbs
    GW 150 lbs
    OL 7 pounds

    Have a great week all :)
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,077 Member
    _j4de_ wrote: »
    SW 168.75
    GW 133.50
    LW 142.50
    TW 140.75

    Loss this week 1.75lb
    Overall loss 28lb

    Got a stinker of a cold, which is making me want to eat stodge and lozenges. Trying to ignore the cravings but only human so we shall see what next weeks weigh in brings. I'm also on the cusp of the next stone bracket, which for me historically brings about a bout of self sabotage. Well I think that's about all the excuses I can cram in there :D see you next week folks. Good luck for all your weigh ins to come and well done to all those already posted :)

    Hey if you're feeling ill it's better to be a bit closer to maintenance to help your immune system fight back.
  • rachelatlas1
    rachelatlas1 Posts: 64 Member
    Hey all!! I’ve got to say being accountable here has kept me motivated! You all rock!

    SW: 162 lbs
    GW: 113 lbs
    TW: 138.6 lbs
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,077 Member
    SW (1st Dec 2016): 255.7lbs
    SW (1st Dec 2018): 229.3lbs
    Weigh In Info
    LW: 232.9lbs (Trend)/232.6lbs (Actual)
    TW: 233.4lbs (Trend)/233.6lbs (Actual)
    Variance: +1.0lbs

    Overall Loss from 1/12/16: 22.1lbs

    Think my scales batteries need changing, it was playing up when I tapped my foot on it this morning and gave me 2 different readings about 3lbs apart, will change them over tomorrow, with any luck my weight will magically drop tomorrow as a result :lol:

    Not too concerned about the gain this week, I've been in a deficit over the week, got back from holiday early Friday morning and I have a lot of aches from Pole Dance class yesterday, also started using my bike and have been walking a lot more than recently.
  • 4bugsmama
    4bugsmama Posts: 2,875 Member
    SW: 163 (01/10/18)
    SW: 144.5 (01/02/19)
    GW: 135
    LW: 140.1
    TW: 140.1
    OL: 4.4
  • amskinner87
    amskinner87 Posts: 163 Member
    SW: 201lb (01 Jan 19)
    GW: 140lb
    LW: 191lb
    CW: 189lb (-3lb)
    OL: 12lb

    Feeling good about my weight loss right now. Started weight training this week so that may affect numbers on the scales over next few weeks.
  • _j4de_
    _j4de_ Posts: 48 Member
    Hey if you're feeling ill it's better to be a bit closer to maintenance to help your immune system fight back.

    Thanks! That does help me feel better :) as the week has worn on I’ve upped the calories and tried to keep it to within a half a pound loss. At least I know giving into my cravings is doing some good!
  • emma013
    emma013 Posts: 12 Member
    SW: 191.6 1/8/19
    LW: 184.2
    TW: 182.4 (-1.8lbs)
    GW: 145
    OL: 9.2lbs

    Very happy with this week! Ive stayed fairly close to my goals and I didn't go too crazy on all the Superbowl snacks. I've also started the C25K to guide me while running. I don't have a goal to run a 5k, but I would be really cool if I could.
  • Deviette
    Deviette Posts: 979 Member
    edited February 2019
    SW: 75.1kg (23/04/2018)
    GW: 62kg
    LW: 67.4kg
    TW: 67.9kg

    Bouncy bouncy.
  • tonadayuu
    tonadayuu Posts: 58 Member
    SW: 70.4 kg/155.2 lbs (November 2018)
    GW: 55 kg/~121 lbs
    LW: 65.7 kg/144.8 lbs
    TW: 66.3 kg/146.2 lbs (+0.6 kg/+1.4 lbs)
    Overall Loss: 4.1 kg/9 lbs

    Kind of an expected gain. I haven't felt quite well in the past few days so I have been closer to maintenance (perhaps a little over).
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