How to reset?

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Hey all,

I gained some weight back and I’m trying to reset. I’m tracking my calories again and becoming more active, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to start in addition to those things? I’d love to shrink my pouch again. I feel like a failure. Ugh.

If you reset, did you do a liquid diet for a bit? All protein?

Any help appreciated. :smile:


  • Lannie79
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    I 100% agree with Karla.

    My weight loss has slowed and I recognize the need to reset. For me it isn't a physical reset but a mental one. I've allowed prior bad habits to come back in. I'm started eating more processed foods and found myself grazing rather than eating planned structured meals / snacks. I know what I need to do....just struggling to do it.
  • garber6th
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    I also agree with Karla. I have regained a bit and realized I had fallen into some old habits and like Lannie, the grazing! So back to planning, planning, planning and setting up my environment for my success.
  • NicoleL874
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    I did a reset. It was a 2 week thing. It started out 2 days of liquids (broth, tea, coffee, water). After that it moved to liquids with one meal. Then later it added in 2 snacks, it worked up to 3 meals with 2 small snacks.

    Every day, they had "homework" to do. Things to help force you into mindful eating. Things to help you think about your missteps and what causes you to go off plan.

    The goal of the plan is to get yourself mentally back to where we need to be. A nice side effect is usually a big drop in water weight as we detox off the crap we've been eating.

    It is a company sold reset, so there is a fee. It's an ebook that you get to keep and can use over and over when you want, which is nice.

    It's a small company run by a professional who had bariatric surgery herself.

    I do not work from them, and benefit nothing if you choose to look at their site, lol, just putting that out there! It's a resource that helped me get back on track...

    That being said, I needed the two weeks of someone telling me what to put in my mouth when, so I could focus on getting my head on straight to refocus on what I should be eating in the long-term.
  • JamesAztec
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    It's about habits. Your pouch won't change size (sorry, that's science). What you really need us a paradigm shift in your thinking. Focus on overall health, not that number on scale. And always remember how much healthier you are today compared to before. 😀
  • Mandy_1982
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    Thanks everyone! I’ve done better the past few days, and I’m taking all of your advice to heart. :smiley:
  • kchaki
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    Hi Mandy_1982 just wondering how you’re doing? My name is Kelly, I am 4 years out and have found myself sitting here with a 30 pound weight gain. Not all at once, just slowly crept upwards. Now my clothes don’t fit and I’m on here trying to restart this all. I was searching for “what I eat in a day” info and came across your post. Also logged my food diary for the first time in a long time. I agree with the comments on your post, I mean we all know what we should and shouldn’t eat. Right? If only it were that easy. Food addiction is real, sugar addiction for me. I did pretty good up until last year. I lost my brother and my sister last spring, both cancer, about 5 weeks apart. Since then I began eating with my heart instead of my head, you know, heart helps. The same issues I had before surgery, just different pain. Anyways, I understand your gain struggle and just hope things are better.
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    JamesAztec wrote: »
    It's about habits. Your pouch won't change size (sorry, that's science). What you really need us a paradigm shift in your thinking. Focus on overall health, not that number on scale. And always remember how much healthier you are today compared to before. 😀

    Can our pouch stretch?
  • NicoleL874
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    Your pouch can stretch and you can "shrink" it. Especially if you have VSG.

    Your stomach is a muscle. It will get used to stretching more, it will never stretch to a huge size again, but a couple of ounces is enough to make you gain weight.

    You don't need a reset, per se. It does help having someone give you a plan to follow while figuring out what's going on that you got off track. However, diligently weighing/measuring your foods will help the stomach.

    Basically, what happens is we notice full at a set point. If you eat past that point, the stomach will get used to a new full, where you notice your restriction. If you eat less consistently, it will learn and you'll start feeling the restriction and full again with less. It's all a matter of stopping and paying attention.
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    That’s good advice thanks :)?
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    Hi Mandy_1982

    You are not a failure (hug) None of us are perfect at this. Find what works for you.

    I went back to real food stage and bariatric basics. I feel more satiated with real food. I logged my food, hit my calories, carbs and protein. 60 to 100 grams protein and 50 to 60 grams of carb.

    What old habit(s) have slipped back in? How are you doing detoxing off carbs and sugar? What food plan are you following?