Weight gain after day one

mjj79 Posts: 415 Member
I’m back to Keto, after messing around with WW, low cal and VLC for the past 6 months. I kept playing with the same 10 lbs with no net loss.
Did well (I thought) on Keto yesterday and my weight is up two lbs today?! Is this normal ?


  • qweck3
    qweck3 Posts: 346 Member
    Water weight for the first two weeks or so will be all over the place. Start counting true loss on Day 15 would be your best bet. I'm not a big fan of the scale overall and suggest using a tight piece of clothing and taking pics each week and you will see true progress. Keto for non medical can mostly be used as a guide for 2 months to get you to the fat adapted stage which is where all the good stuff happens. Good luck with your journey!
  • Tubbytucka
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    Seriously, don't worry. See how you are in 30 days. Stick to your macros, and the science will work. It's not easy but it is doable.

    Also, what Qweck said - note clothing fit and belt sizes. Sometimes I don't lose weight for a week but then I notice I need another hole in my belt.