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Quick and easy dinner ideas

HB0618HB0618 Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
My husband and I are both starting to eat better and exercise more. We both work at least 40 hours a week and have an active social life. I am looking for quick, easy meals that don't require much effort as we are on the go a lot. Our "go to" quick meal is a salad kit and shrimp ring but that is getting old really quick. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  • hellonicolesmithhellonicolesmith Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I get a ton of recipes from
    Everything is super yummy and totally low cal. There’s a lot to choose from if you search “quick” or “one pot” meals. Hope this helps!
  • jgnickeljgnickel Posts: 79Member, Premium Member Posts: 79Member, Premium Member is fantastic. the turkey pumpkin chili is amazing.
  • alteredsteve175alteredsteve175 Posts: 1,687Member Member Posts: 1,687Member Member
    Try sheet pan dinners. Lots of options - everything goes on a baking sheet and into the oven.
  • 12Sarah201512Sarah2015 Posts: 1,098Member Member Posts: 1,098Member Member
    Following. We do spaghetti with zuchinni and carrot. No cheese. Chilli con carne with capsicum and zuchinni. Salads on the side. Lots of chicken and fish recipes. Makes it healthier and cheaper
  • Fit2_TFit2_T Posts: 317Member Member Posts: 317Member Member
    Chicken breasts and Italian dressing. Either stovetop or oven.
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