Easy Eggplant Awesome

tekwriter Posts: 923 Member
I tried a recipe last night and it was so good. I drizzled wedges of eggplant with oil, and garlic and baked at 425 for 1/2 an hour and then sprinkled with lemon juice. oh my it was soo good. tastes like butter and lemon.


  • Flmommy1
    Flmommy1 Posts: 67 Member
    Sounds yummy, will definitely try it, thanks.
  • fitnessbugg
    fitnessbugg Posts: 141 Member
    This does sound good. When you say wedges, do you literally mean like potato wedges -- sort of thick ones?

    This is the first summer I have really cooked with eggplant and am loving it. So far I have made a babaganoush, and then another time I just sliced, added some oil and salt, and grilled it. Yummy!

    Any other ideas for eggplant?
  • sandybeach11
    sandybeach11 Posts: 198 Member
    Thanks for sharing... with everything in season right now it's nice to try different recipes.