Endurance help needed, please

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Any suggestions on how best to develop endurance in the pool? I'm pooped after a few lengths.


  • girlwithcurls2
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    Well, as someone who took up swimming at age 45+, I can tell you that ONE length had me pooped at first. I just kept showing up. Just kept swimming. I tried to slow down so that I wasn't expending so much energy that there wasn't any left. I would go with a goal in mind ("I'm going to swim 10 laps today" or whatever) and do whatever it took to meet that goal, even if it meant taking more breaks than anyone else in the pool. I will say that as I became a better swimmer, my pacing got better, and I could swim continuously for longer periods of time.

  • Murrayzaida
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    As girlwithcurls said just keep showing up and increase your distance gradually. You can either just add lengths working up to a new total, or work in set blocks of lengths. E.g. 2 sets of 4, and the next time 3 sets of 4, or 2 sets of 6. Find small goals to challenge and push yourself, but which you are able to achieve.
  • fishgutzy
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    The mantra I suggest is simply "just one more lap."
    Back in 2001 I joined the local Y. Decided to swim for the first time in a couple decades. I made it 6 laps. I can swim a bit longer than that now.

    Wherever you are this week, next week just add once more lap.
    Soon you will feel you can add 2 more laps. And then 3......
    My wife turned 60 last September. She finally decided to learn to swim last December.
    Started swimming more regularly in January.
    This month she hit 2.25 miles. That is in top of a 50 minute deep water aerobics class.
    As Buzz Lightyear says, never give up, never surrender. :D

    Just one more lap.
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    Agree start slow and slowly add.
  • docsharon
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    Thank you all!
  • lorrpb
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    Late to the party here, there are several approaches.
    #1: If you want to swim farther, swim slower.
    Here are a few sets that will help build up your speed/capacity:
    Do fast/ slow 100 yd intervals, such as 75 yds slow, 25 fast, then a 30 sec rest, do again. Or just alternate one fast/one slow lap.
    Do descend intervals where you start slow and swim each length a little faster than the previous one x4.
    Take more strokes between each breath. If you currently breathe every 2d stroke, do every 3rd or 4th for some of your laps.
    Join a masters team for drills and technique correction, we all need it.
    Have fun!