Neuropathy in feet

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Anybody out there improve their neuropathy with a KETO/LCHF woe? I am not diagnosed type 2 but pre-diabetic for sure. I have neuropathy in my feet and am looking to others as how to deal with it.


  • Emmapatterson1729
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    My daughter has neuropathy in her feet, she just started keto a few weeks ago. Most of her symptoms have decreased except the neuropathy in her feet. She says there has been less pain, but no decrease in tingly or numbness. But she's hopeful, which is awesome, because she had given up on hope for her health until we started keto!!
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    Consistently running normal blood sugars is the only way to improve it.
    You should really consider strict low carb and possibly medication to lower blood sugar like metformin. It cannot heal if blood sugars are high. Above 140 guarantees damage is being done.
    Hey Dr Richard K Bernstein’s book Diabetes Solutions.
    You can also find him on YouTube at Diabetes University and some of his book is available free online at
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    Also look into Aplha Lipoic acid as well as L Glutamine and for immediate relief of pain CBD oil with THC works very well.
    Normalizing blood sugars is the only cure though. With high blood sugars it will continue to progress. It can take years to fully recover.