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Calories on Keto?

EelkoDoesKeto Posts: 72 Member
Hi guys, should I be aiming for a calorie total? I have naturally landed at about 1700.... I am at 19gr of carbs for the day and have not felt hungry. MyFitnessPal recommends 1500 for me..


  • Emmapatterson1729
    Emmapatterson1729 Posts: 1,296 Member
    Calorie intake depends on how much you weigh, combined with how tall you are, gender, and how much you have to lose.

    MFP has me at 1410 calories a day, so I try to stay around 100 over or under. I have a range 1300-1500, sometimes hitting 1600s.

    It you lose weight at 1700, I would stay around there and not drop until you hit a plateau. Also once fully fat adapted, the appetite decreases naturally. A lot of people find themselves fuller for longer.

    Good luck!
  • EelkoDoesKeto
    EelkoDoesKeto Posts: 72 Member
    Thanks, I did the calculations, 1700 is apparently fine for my weight.