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Yikes, a night out....

EelkoDoesKeto Posts: 72 Member
Day 5 of my keto diet will include a Quiz night at my school.... Everyone will be eating pizza and drinking wine.... I would have preferred another week to get ready for this...

I dont really want to tell anyone I am doing Keto just yet... so I am thinking Scotch and Pork Rinds... That should throw them off the trail... Any other suggestions? (The drink is non optional hahah)


  • Emmapatterson1729
    Emmapatterson1729 Posts: 1,296 Member
    Subtly eat toppings off pizza...

    My work had a KFC buffet set up the other day for a work function, not a single thing I could eat, and the smell was so tempting.

    But I just told my coworkers, who were pushing me to eat, that I'm very carb sensitive...I've also used the excuse of food allergies... No one ever questions that one!
  • EelkoDoesKeto
    EelkoDoesKeto Posts: 72 Member
    Hmmm might work lol.... Ill bring out the pork rinds anyway, 0 carbs in there.
  • mmultanen
    mmultanen Posts: 1,029 Member
    Things like that can be hard. In the past I've eaten before I get to those kinds of events so at least I'm not hungry. That doesn't guarantee I'll stay away from the yummy things and eating things like only the toppings can be a slippery slope for me personally. So packing your own snacks is genius. I always pack shareable amounts so it doesn't look Iike I'm only feeding myself, but like I brought food for the greater good, if I don't want to share the details of my specific way of eating.