tekwriter Posts: 923 Member
Is anyone on Atkins counting their calories and going significantly over while still loosing? thanks


  • Butterfly2022MD
    Butterfly2022MD Posts: 246 Member
    I count my calories and I don't go about abut 1450. I want to stay in the habit of eating less so my body will get use to it because I don't want to gain weight when I stop the Atkins diet.
  • StephanieE3456
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    I count calories too and try to stay in the 1000 -1200 range. I don't lose when I go over that amount. For the last 2 months I upped my calories to the 1400 - 1500 range and gained and lost the same 5 lbs over and over again. So I know that's a good maintenance level for me but not for losing.

    I started Induction again several days ago and lowered my calories and I'm losing again.
  • abbyolurin1
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    My calorie goal is 1500 and I usually exceed it on days I exercise. I seem to still be losing the weight. My typical caloric intake is below:


  • tekwriter
    tekwriter Posts: 923 Member
    Thanks everyone! I was hoping it wasn't so. I miss my fruit and I still have to count my calories. Bummer.