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  • Miyoka_Tata
    Miyoka_Tata Posts: 329 Member
    @RangerRickL thank you for the holiday wishes! Hope you had a great one too.
    Today is a national holiday to celebrate the dignity of labor and the laborer.
    Best wishes to each of you, wherever you are.
    Please enjoy a day of non-labor and be with those you love.

  • RangerRickL
    RangerRickL Posts: 8,469 Member
    @Dory_42 Like @w8goal4life said, "I'm so glad you are back!!"
  • fatbambi2017
    fatbambi2017 Posts: 1,295 Member
    Happy labor day!
    Pass day # 1 lots of travelling today to a family gathering
    No Exercise
    Tracking yes
    Calories yes
  • Lazy_Bones_85
    Lazy_Bones_85 Posts: 132 Member
    1. Exercise: Yes, ran 4.5M and then went for a walk with my friend.
    2. Yes, my caloric budget is done sort of on a weekly basis. I want to be 750 under my burn each day of the week except Thursdays. This is because I run long on Friday so I budget 250 under for Thursday. But I keep an average tally for the week. Entering this challenge, I've decided I need to be under on a rolling average, so at least 750 on Sunday, 1500 by Monday, 2250 on Tuesday, 3000 Wednesday, 3250 on Thursday, 4000 on Friday, 4750 by Saturday. Sunday was -786, today was -740 so I've got 26 calories in the bank because I'm -1526 thru Monday. I know it's a lot, but it allows me a little flexibility when I can bank 200 or so to eat on Saturday to recover from my long run on Friday.
    3. Yes, I logged everything.