5k Sept 14th

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Anyone training for a 5k in the next month? I had been running 3 miles about 4 times a week up until a few weeks ago when I didn't run for a while then shortened it down to 2 miles a couple times a week. Motivation in this heat (south USA) if ridiculous. So, I signed up today with a friend for a 5k Sept 14th and I've got a little over three weeks to get prepared. I've run plenty of 5ks but this is my friend's first since college and I hope we both have a great experience. If you are currently training, give me a shout!
Good luck!


  • Just_Ceci
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    I am also signed up for a 5k on September 14th. I am just starting Week 7 of C25k, so currently running 2.5 miles. I'm also in the south and this heat is ridiculous! The 5k I'm doing is called, "The Worst 5k Ever". I figure it will be my worst 5k time ever, so it is appropriate!